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Virginia Pick 4

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What is the Virginia Pick 4 Lotto

The Virginia Lottery Pick 4 has a Jackpot of $5000 and offers twice-day by day draws.

The sum you can win relies upon the amount you bet and the playstyle you pick. You win the big stake when your ticket coordinates the triumphant attract numbers accurate request. To play, you should pick 4 numbers, each from 0-9.

Virginia Pick 4 game draws are held two times per day at 1:59 PM and 11 PM Eastern Time. Ticket deals shut down at 1:53 PM for the Pick 4 Day draw and 10:45 PM for the Pick 4 Night draw.

You can check the OPTIONAL PLAYS box for:

1. Multi-Draw: Play more than one drawing, including the next.

2. Advance: Play any future drawing, or drawings, aside from the next.

3. Repeat: Your play repeats for more than one ticket.

Playing more than one drawing builds the ticket cost by the quantity of drawings you pick

Virginia Pick 4 lotto information



Guess Range


twice a day at 1:59 PM and 11 PM Eastern Time.



Prize pool Categories

Main Draw






Odds of winning


Any 4 digits

4 digits, exact order



1 in 10,000

Any Order

3 of the same number + 1 different number

4 digits, any order



1 in 2,500

Any Order

2 different pairs

4 digits, any order



1 in 1,667

Any Order

1 pair of numbers + 2 distinct numbers

4 digits, any order



1 in 833.33

Any Order

Any 4 distinct numbers

4 digits, any order



1 in 416.67


Any 4 distinct numbers

4 digits, any or exact order


$2600 (exact)
$100 (any)

1 in 10,000
1 in 435


1 pair of numbers + 2 distinct numbers

4 digits, any or exact order


$2700 (exact)
$200 (any)

1 in 10,000
1 in 909


2 different pairs

4 digits, any or exact order


$2900 (exact)
$400 (any)

1 in 10,000
1 in 2,000


3 of the same number + 1 different number

4 digits, any or exact order


$3100 (exact)
$600 (any)

1 in 10,000
1 in 3,333


$24 wager: Any 4 distinct numbers

4 digits, exact order



1 in 417


$12 wager: 1 pair of numbers + 2 distinct numbers

4 digits, exact order



1 in 835


$6 wager: 2 different pairs

4 digits, exact order



1 in 1,667


$4 wager: 3 of the same number + 1 different number

4 digits, exact order



1 in 2,500

How to play the Virginia Pick 4 Lotto

Select a four-digit number from 0000 through 9999.

You can play Easy Pick and let the PC pick your number. You can play one to four arrangements of numbers for up to 78 back to back drawings on a solitary playslip.

You can wager $1 or 50 pennies for each play and if your four-digit number matches the number in the drawing, you win.

Exact Order

To pursue the $5,000 top prize you have to play Exact Order. On the off chance that your four-digit number comes up in the very same request in the drawing, you win $5,000 for each $1 you bet on that precise number. You win $2,500 for a 50-cent bet.

Any Order

There are up to 24 winning blends, and a few prizes accessible, when you play Any Order relying upon the number you pick. On the off chance that you play Any Order with a number that has four unique digits, your prize would be $200 in the event that you won. In the event that you play Any Order with a number that has two sets of digits, or a number with a few digits that are the equivalent, your prize would be higher, on the grounds that those numbers are increasingly hard to coordinate.


For each $1 bet, 50-cents goes to Exact Order and 50-cent goes to Any Order. In the event that you coordinate the number attracted Exact Order, you would win $2,500 plus the 50-cents Any Order prize for your number. On the off chance that you coordinate the number attracted an alternate request, you would win the Any Order prize for that number. Check the outline for prizes and odds of winning.


Bet $1 on all precise request mixes of a Pick 4 number. Win $5,000 on the off chance that one of those blends is drawn.

Pick 4 Sellout

Well known numbers sell out once in a while. Purchasing Pick 4 numbers is like purchasing passes to a ball game or a show: Any number could sell out. In the event that you purchase Pick 4 tickets promptly in the day, or ahead of time, you ought to have the option to get the number you need.

For a Pick 4 drawing, 1,200 Exact Order tickets are accessible for each number. On the off chance that a sold-out Pick 4 number is drawn, the Lottery would pay $6 million in prizes for that sold-out number. A sold-out number has a similar possibility of winning as some other number.


On the eleventh of February a Woemn, who lives in Richmond, purchased 30 Pick 4 lottery tickets, each for a dollar. She told the merchant she needed each ticket with a similar arrangement of numbers in this succession: 1-0-3-1.

The Virginia Lottery Pick 4 winning numbers were drawn that night and they matched her numbers

In the event that she had bought only one ticket, it would have paid $5,000. Be that as it may, with 30, every wa a victor, so she harvested an aggregate of $150,000.

Claiming your prize

You have 180 days from the date of the attracting to gather a lottery prize and 180 days from the conclusion of a scratcher game to gather any prizes you may have won.

You can remain mysterious in Virginia, yet just on the off chance that you win more than $10 million. In the event that you win a sum up to $10 million, the Virginia Lottery will discharge insights regarding your personality if there is a Freedom of Information demand.

Virginia Pick 4 Lotto Number Generator

Virginia Pick 4 Lotto statistics

Cold Numbers

In the table listed below is the top 3 cold numbers




Hot numbers

In the table listed below is the top 3 hot numbers




Lottery scams

Lottery con artists attempt each road, including instant messages. They frequently contain unclear messages of congrats, a noteworthy dollar measure of rewards and a connection or email address to contact. Instant messages are brief yet can be risky in light of the fact that those dynamic connections and email locations can make commitment (and capture) a single tick away.

The connections can open pathways for malware and spyware to be stacked onto gadgets, as well. Littler screens on telephones and gadgets can make fake sites progressively hard to spot.

Defenseless populaces, for example, the old are regularly focused on. A con artist will act like an illicit worker. They will profess to have a triumphant lottery ticket, however that no one but residents can guarantee it. In the event that the casualty will hand over money or adornments as insurance, they are sent to guarantee the rewards for the con artist’s benefit in return for a bit of the rewards.

Some of the time con artists work in groups to give a willing partner to persuade the casualty it’s a smart thought. Obviously, the ticket can’t champ, and the con artists rapidly leave with the cash or gems close by.

Lottery trick heightening strategies

Regardless of how you are reached, tricksters have an arrangement to connect with you and manufacture your trust. Watch out for the accompanying acceleration strategies. Con artists will effectively take more cash from casualties, particularly on the off chance that they have been fruitful once as of now.

In the event that a casualty has sent cash once, tricksters will make a solid effort to persuade them to send more. Like other development charge tricks, the story will keep on changing as startling expenses, expanded assessments and even fixes are introduced as hindrances to getting to the lottery rewards. Frequently huge measures of cash can be lost while pursuing the bigger sum.

After a period, increasingly expand tricks will move to a subsequent stage. This regularly happens when casualties start to oppose sending more cash. They may get a call from somebody professing to be from the IRS, the police, or a private specialist. They will declare to the casualty that they have been defrauded, yet the specialists are presently working on it. The guest will offer to recuperate the taken assets for the person in question in the event that they would simply pay a discoverer’s expense forthright. It’s fantastic, yet it works.

A few con artists are driven and are upset to confine their wrongdoings to money misrepresentation. They will request that the casualty send through duplicates of their identification, driver’s permit, government managed savings number, and other individual subtleties so as to check their way of life as the champ of the lottery. These solicitations might be introduced alongside authentic looking structures to finish. Such data is utilized for fraud.

Know that a few con artists order databases of misled people. In the event that an individual has been cheated once, different con artists may attempt to target them with an alternate story. On the off chance that you or somebody you know has been defrauded as of late, be exceptionally aware of any new offers or contacts.

Step by step instructions to abstain from being hoodwinked by lottery tricks

Tricksters like to make their tricks cost-proficient, and they additionally commit errors. These two realities help everybody to distinguish lottery trick endeavors. Here are pieces of information to pay special mind to and inquiries to pose to yourself in the event that you are reached by somebody professing to have your prize rewards.

Did you enter any worldwide lotteries? It’s difficult to enter without buying a ticket face to face, in the nation of the lottery.

Are there spelling blunders or peculiar expressions in the letter? A few tricks begin in nations where English is anything but a local language.

Does your letter have a mass rate stamping on the envelope? Con artists mass post to set aside cash, however there are never mass lottery victors.

Is the letter or email routed to you explicitly? In the event that there’s no name on it, it’s most likely mass-delivered.

Does the call approaching number beginning with 876? It’s conceivable a Jamaican lottery con artist.

Do they ask you not to inform anybody concerning the rewards, or to lie about assets being sent?

Do they request that you pay by wire move or with iTunes gift vouchers? These exchange techniques are shaky, informal and untraceable. No legit association would utilize them to charge expenses.

Regardless of how great the story sounds, or how enormous the whole of cash is, don’t send cash. Try not to give your own data to anybody professing to be from a lottery commission.

Here’s one final piece of counsel: Have you at any point purchased a genuine lottery ticket? Did the clerk ever request your name or contact subtleties? Most lottery tickets are bought namelessly. In the event that you did win, how could the lottery overseers get in touch with you? They can’t. That is the reason you see news reports about unclaimed lottery prizes. In the event that you are ever reached about winning a lottery, ponder this point.

Real lotteries exist

Obviously, authentic lotteries do exist. In the USA, official lotteries are led in 45 US states alongside Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia and the US Virgin Islands. They are overseen by each state or purview.

A few states consolidate their lotteries to augment the buying impression and the potential prize pool. The biggest of these capacity nearly as national lotteries, in spite of the fact that there are no official lotteries led or regulated governmentally. It is unlawful to enter a lottery in an outside nation except if you are truly present to buy the ticket. They may not be purchased on the web.


With two opportunities to win each day, various approaches to play, and a top prize of $5,000, Pick 4 is a number sweetheart’s blessing from heaven! Take your birthday, commemoration, or any four fortunate numbers and get into the game with Pick 4!


  • What time is the Virginia Pick 4 lotto draw?
    The draw takes place twice a day at 1:59 PM and 11 PM Eastern Time.
  • Can you play the Virginia Pick 4 lotto in South Africa?
    Yes you can play the Virginia Pick 4 lotto online at Betway

How many numbers are there in the Virginia Pick 4 lotto?
There is a total of 0-9 numbers to choose from

  • Can you cheat the Virginia Pick 4 lottery?

There is no way to cheat the lottery, if there was the lottery would have lost a lot of money already. The numbers are picked randomly so there is no pattern or trick you can use to win.

  • How do I claim a Virginia Pick 4 lottery prize?

The safest way to claim your prize is to follow the instructions on the official website of the lottery.

  • What is the luckiest number in the Virginia Pick 4 lotto

0 is the luckiest number and most drawn in the Virginia Pick 4 lotto

  • What is the least lucky number in the Virginia Pick 4 lotto?

9 is the least luckiest number in the Virginia Pick 4 lotto

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