Online Betting for Beginners

Before diving into all the rules and regulations a player needs to better understand a few terms to in turn further understand the process!

What is online gambling (or internet gambling)?

Online gambling, also known as Internet gambling or Online Betting refers to any kind of gambling which is conducted on the internet. This will include virtual poker, casinos, sports betting and lottery.

What is a Lottery?

lottery is a form of gambling which involves the drawing of numbers at random for a prize. Lotteries come in many formats and can be played in person at registered lottery retailers or online.

How does Online Betting Work?

Online betting may still feel relatively “new” but in actual fact it had its start over 20 years ago, and has certainly improved since then.  There have been major improvements in both quality and standard, most notably in terms of the relevant laws and regulations.

The Bare Basics

Online betting is facilitated by gambling sites that are websites like any other that can be accessed by simply clicking on a link or typing the relevant address into a browser. Sites may offer a variety of options to bet on, while others may specialize in just one.

All these sites share a main feature – advanced software. Advanced Software makes it possible to gamble in real currency online. This software is built into the site in some cases, but in some cases, players will have to download the software. Either way, the software is fundamentally the main component of any gambling site.

There are three things required to be able to use these gambling sites and bet or play for real money:

  • A computer or other device with internet access.
  • An account.
  • Money.

A computer or other device with internet access seems rather obvious as players can’t access any site on the web without a device with internet access. Players can use these sites on any computer, laptop, smartphones and tablets.

To sign up for an account, players will have to go through a short signing up process which usually consists of a few easy to answer questions. When visiting a site for the first time, look for a button or link with the text “Join Now” or something similar – which will redirect applicants to another page with a form to complete, or it will open a pop-up with a form. When this process is completed, players will be required to make a deposit.

Deposits are needed for players to start betting and gaming and there are usually several different options for doing this. Using a credit card or debit card is the most popular method.

And you are ready to go!

What is the difference between Traditional vs. Online Lotteries?

Most online lotteries are not run by the government, whereas traditional ones are. Private businesses usually run online lotteries and they serve as the middlemen for the actual games, such as MegaMillions, EuroJackpot, or PowerBall. Players will still be purchasing entries to official government-run lotteries, coupled with the added convenience of being able to participate in a wider pool of both national and international games.

Normally players play the lotteries available in their area unless they are willing to drive, or fly to buy tickets for different lotteries across the globe. With online lottery sites, players can play in as many different games as they would want—all from the comfort of their own home!

Security and Notification

Another significant difference of betting online is security. For example, if a player buys a ticket in a shop and end up losing it, it is very difficult to prove the win and claim the prize or if a player forgets to check the results of a draw, they may also fail to claim their prize in the event of a win. With an online lottery ticket, there is a record of all tickets purchased and numbers played. Players will receive email alerts within 24 hours of winning a prize, with the funds often being transferred straight to their account in a short period of time. The exception to this is in cases where players win a jackpot or other large prize which will usually require the winner to either collect the prize in-person and prove their identity.

Convenient Features of Betting Online

Buying lottery tickets online comes with several convenient benefits, such as:

Storing and replaying tickets.

Here players can set up a direct debit which will allow them to play their selected numbers every week via an automated payment process. Players do not have to remember to play and they will never miss a draw.

Select random numbers.

Some in-store lottery machines do offer this function but it is far easier to randomly select numbers online.

Play at anytime, anywhere.

Players now have no need to visit a store to purchase tickets and they avoid the hassle of long queues. Smartphone apps let players pay, play, check their numbers and results anytime, from any place with an internet connection.

Who Can Play Online Lottery?

Online lottery sites will allow players to play both national and international games – participate in any online lottery game from anywhere in the world, with the exception of some countries.  In India, for example, online gambling is largely prohibited, including online lottery, it is imperative to understand all local laws before making that first bet.

There are two types of online lotteries that a player needs to know before the games begin!

Online Lottery Agents

  • Lottery agents purchase tickets on a players’ behalf.

Lottery agents are online lottery sites which will take the steps to purchase tickets on a player’s behalf and these companies have satellite offices across globe. 

Lottery agents are middlemen and players are basically paying more than the ticket price for the agent to physically buy a ticket on their behalf. Always check out the handling fee before clicking the buy button.

Lotto Betting Sites

Lotto Betting Sites do not purchase tickets on a players’ behalf, and prices are usually the same as those found in shops—no handling fees! So how does a player gain an entry to official lotteries without a ticket? Well, they don’t.

Lottery betting sites lets players bet on the outcome of official lottery games. 

Rules and Regulations

Not every lottery game has the same rules even if they all work in a similar manner. One game, for instance, may require a player to choose 5 numbers from a range of 1-50, and an additional 2 from a range of 1-10. Another in turn, may require players to choose 5 numbers from a range of 1-69, and 1 additional number from a range of 1-26. The differences aren’t massive yet they are significant. Most lottery sites will offer quick player a how-to section or tutorials for each of the games they offer.

Online Lottery Payments and Pay-outs

Most online lotteries allow for a greater deposit and withdrawal flexibility thru methods like PayPal, credit cards and more.  The best sites, however, offer more options, some even accept Bitcoin transactions.


When winning, most online lottery sites will immediately notify players via email. Players can receive their winnings either via a direct deposit to your account, or in person.

Usually, Lottery sites have a system where if a player wins up to a certain minimal amount, their money will be deposited directly into their account. Winnings which go beyond this minimum threshold, might have to be claimed in person. There are a few lottery sites that can claim the prize on a player’s behalf.


Some online lottery sites add on extra fees that will in turn slightly drive up the price of tickets for the trade-off of convenience.

Is Online betting safe?

There’s no denying that betting online for real money, with real currency involves some risk. The obvious risk is losing money on wagers of course, but the main concern for most players are the risk of getting ripped off or cheated, or even the risk of getting into legal trouble.

There are 5 things that a player needs to know about playing lotteries online before starting:

Always make 100% sure that the online lottery site chosen is secure.

Wondering how? Look for the lock! Websites that are secure will have a small symbol of a padlock prominently displayed on their site and on the payment page alike. This way players will know that their personal information is safe. If a player doesn’t see the padlock symbol of safety and security, it is better to hit the back button and find another online lottery site that is secure.

Always check the requirements of the online lottery site.

For example, if there is a requirement that players must have to be at least 18 years old to play, which there probably will be.  If a player is not of age it will not benefit them in any manner to sign as they will need to prove their age to claim a prize.

Before playing lotteries online, check to see if the lottery site will charge a fee on winnings.

If an online lottery site does this it may be a better and safer bet to go somewhere else. A legitimate, trustworthy online lottery site will never impose fees on winnings.

Does the online lottery display contact details?

If a website is not open about how to contact them if a player is in need of customer service, there is probably a dodgy reason. Make sure there is adequate contact information.

Only play lotteries online from a home computer

Entering credit or debit card information over an open Wi-Fi network is NEVER a good idea!

What to do when a scam is suspected:

If a player receives a letter or email claiming that they have won a prize for any online lotterywhich they did not enter, it is strongly recommended that they:

  • Delete or destroy the letter or email immediately.
  • Do not open any link contained in a suspicious email.
  • Do not respond to or contact the sender of the email.
  • Do not disclose any personal or financial information.
  • Do not send any money.
  • If a player has already responded, break off contact with the fraudster immediately.
  • If a player has provided personal or financial details, they must alert their bank immediately.
  • Report it to the police.

Important steps to follow:

  • If players feel that their computer or device has been hacked or infected with malware or ransomware it is advised to run a virus check immediately!
  • If players suspect one of their online accounts (e.g. bank account, email, online shopping account or social networking site) has been compromised, change passwords immediately. The most reputable websites provide step-by-step instructions for how players can recover a hacked account.

Clues to look for:

  • The email is sent from a free webmail address (,, @gmail etc.) it has a high possibility of being a fraud.
  • The letter or email starts with something vague like ‘Dear Winner’.
  • Scam letters are most often on poor quality, photocopied letterhead.
  • There will be a strict time limit to claim the ‘prize’.
  • Confidentiality is often demanded as a ‘condition of winning’.
  • Poor spelling, grammar and syntax are usually a good indication.


Players can play the online lottery Anywhere at Anytime

Players do not have to be tied down to a computer to play lottery games and a large variety of lottery sites offer mobile apps—or mobile-optimized websites—which allows players to check results, purchase tickets and much more straight from their mobile device.

Tips for playing the Lottery online

Players must always remember – there’s no real way to predict a set of winning numbers as drawings are completely random.  The probability of winning is massive.

  • Previous results have no bearing on future ones. 
  • The key to a successful lotto number selection is the probabilities.
  • Lottery numbers are randomly drawn.

Playing, bettingand picking possible winning numbers are easy, straight-forward and safe online.