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Mauritius Lotto

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Latest Numbers and Results

R130,000,000 JACKPOT

499,231 Winners

How to play the Mauritius Lotto

Playing the Mauritius Lotto and picking possible winning numbers are easy and straight-forward. Simply buy a ticket from a Local Retailer to stand a chance to win big cash prizes

Easily check today’s Mauritius Lotto winning numbers, handy and useful tips.

What is the Mauritius Lotto?

The Mauritius Lotto 6/40 began on November 7, 2009. To play the game, choose 6 numbers from 1-40. Drawings are held once a week on Saturdays.  The odds of winning Mauritius Lotto are one in 3,838,380, which for a pick-6 lotto game, are excellent odds.  The Lotto has a 6 out of 40 lottery formats, which makes it unique and favorable when compared to other national lottery formats.  The first Mauritius Lotto drawing was held on November the 7th, 2009.   Lottotech Ltd. is the only company responsible for organizing lottery games in Mauritius.   Mauritius itself is an island nation in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa with a total population in Mauritius is 1.3 million people. Both French and English are generally accepted as the official languages of Mauritius.

How is the lotto draw done?

The Mauritius Lotto (Mauritius Loterie 6/40) draw is held every Saturday evening with 40 balls being introduced into a drawing machine which randomly selects six balls – the numbers of which constitute the winning draw of the day.

The drawing procedure is carried out in strict agreement with established laws and recognized security standards in order to ensure the integrity of the system and process.

A draw team of internal representatives are present during each draw.

The procedures governing the draws are documented in writing and approved by the GRA.

How to play the Mauritius Lotto?

To play the Mauritius Lotto players simply need to check 6 numbers on a grid of 40 numbers. A Lotto game report includes 5 or 10 grids and the cost is only Rs 20 per combination.

Players can play numbers for several future draws by marking the desired number of draws to the right of the bulletin - Multiple Draws.

A Quick Pick option is also available for play. In this case the machine will randomly choose 6 numbers on a player’s behalf.

The Multiple Games option is a quick and easy way to play multiple combinations, instead of using several ballots.

The Replay option allows players to replay their favourite numbers or those previously played.

The minimum cost of playing is Rs 9.12 ($ 0.25).

Lotto winnings are not taxable in Mauritius and all unclaimed prizes are kept by Lottotech and paid over to the National Solidarity Fund (NSF).

Can the Mauritius Lotto be played Online?

Unfortunately, not. Foreigners are allowed to play the game, but they have to be on the territory of Mauritius and they have to get a ticket from an authorized retail venue to do so.

Mauritius Lotto Prizes

The minimum amount of the Mauritius Lotto accounts for Rs 2,500,000 ($ 67.5 K).

The Mauritius Lotto does not offer any opportunities to win multiply prizes and no add-on games are available.

How to claim your lotto cash prize

Lucky winners of the Mauritius Lotto can collect their prizes personally at Port Louis from 9:30 to 12:00 and again from 13:00 to 15:00 on any week day. Winners need to produce the following:

Proof of Identification

The winning lottery ticket in good condition

Prizes should be claimed within 9 months of winning, after which the winners will have to forfeit their prizes. Players must write their name and signature on the back of their winning ticket.

Note:  The Mauritius Lotto top prize can only be paid out as a lump sum.

Smart Things to Do Before Claiming a Jackpot

Protect Your Winning Lottery Ticket

First things first - sign the back.

Why? Because no one keeps track of who owns Powerball tickets. All you have to do to claim a Powerball prize is to show identification that matches the signature on the back.

Find Out Whether You Can Remain Anonymous

Most jurisdictions want to announce their jackpot winners to show that the prizes are being awarded legitimately. Before you tell anyone about your lottery win, find out what your options for anonymity are.

Check How Much Time You Have to Claim Your Powerball Prize

Simply look at your ticket - There should be a date there.

History of the Mauritius Lotto

Government-run lottery games were first launched in 1940 and the Lottery Committee was launched under the Gambling Regulatory Act of 2007, which repealed the Gaming Act of 1973. This act put all government-run lotteries under the common name of “Loterie Verte.”

April 13, 1940: The first draw was held on in the Mauritius Turf Club

June 29, 1940 the second draw was held on at L’Hotel de Ville de Rose Hill.

Draws were held manually up to July 1994 where afte, electro mechanic devices were used to hold the draws in the Treasury Building at Port Louis.

A brand-new pay-out structure was implemented from the 718th lottery draw, on July 6, 2012.

Every year, a total of 12 draws are held, one draw per month from February to November and two draws in December. The draw held at the end of December is called the Special Draw and 7,500,000 tickets are sold for this draw.

History of LottoTech:

Lottotech was incorporated on 8 April 2008 by Gamma-Civic Ltd (“Gamma”) for the purpose of operating lotteries and generally to do all related activities within the gaming industry.  In August 2008, Lottotech entered into agreements with GTECH as its exclusive technology partner for the implementation and operation of the Mauritius National Lottery.

April 2009:

Gamma entered into a shareholders’ agreement with the SIC for Lottotech to instrument and operate the Mauritius National Lottery and SIC became a shareholder of Lottotech.

April 2009:

The Gambling Regulatory Authority (“GRA”) issued an exclusive license to Lottotech to operate the Mauritius National Lottery for a period of 10 years, renewable for further successive periods not exceeding 5 years each.

October 2009:

Lottotech launched La Loterie Nationale in Mauritius and Rodrigues with the sale of lottery games through an initial network of 542 retailers.

Lottotech is a member of the World Lottery Association (“WLA”), the global authority on lottery business and has reached the Responsible Gaming certification level 3 in 2017.

Comparison table for the Mauritius Lotto

Payouts (RS)
6 of 6
5 of 6
4 of 6
3 of 6
Total amount of sales
Amount collected for the Consolidated Fund of Mauritius
Hot Numbers
Cold Numbers

Hot numbers which are drawn the most times in the past 200 Lotto draws.

Cold numbers which are drawn the least times in the past 200 Lotto draws.

Tips for playing the Mauritius Lotto
#Strategy 1:

Identifying Hot numbers, Cold numbers, Overdue Numbers

To use the hot, cold, overdue strategy, analyze the results of your chosen lottery – see which numbers have been drawn recently and which haven’t, at least 50 drawings is needed to get a decent sample size.

Hot numbers: Picked most frequently

Cold numbers: drawn less frequently overall.

Overdue numbers: are ones that have not shown up in recent weeks.

Some players claim that creating a set of winning numbers by mixing hot, cold, and overdue numbers gives players an edge.
#Strategy 2:

Pick Traditional Lucky Numbers

According to a poll run by mathematician Alex Bellos, seven is not surprisingly the most popular lucky number in the world.

Seven days of the week, seven wonders of the world, seven continents, seven seas, and the list goes on.

Other traditional lucky numbers include three (as in “good things come in threes”) and four.

#Strategy 3:

Pick Traditional Lucky Numbers

Pick numbers that have a personal meaning to you. For example, birthdays, a wedding anniversary, or the birthdays of kids and/or grandkids. Apart from dates consider the number of kids you have or the house number of your childhood home – whatever feels lucky to you.

#Strategy 4:

Use Numerology to Pick Lucky Numbers

There are a lot of different ways to use numerology to find lucky numbers. One is to create a table with the numbers 1 – 9 at the top and one letter in each column below. A = 1, B = 2, and so on. After the ninth letter, I, you’d wrap around again so that J = 1, K = 2, and so on. You can then plug in the letters of your name to get one digit for each letter. Add those digits together to end up with a lucky number.
#Strategy 5:

Lucky Number Generators

The simplest way to find lucky numbers to play is simply to use a generator. Lucky number generators use numerology, or perhaps simply randomness, to find numbers for you.

Why the Mauritius Lotto is so popular?

Not only does the Mauritius Lotto offer players “top prize” payouts, but it has multiple ways and chances to win.  As previous results and jackpot payouts will show, the Mauritius Lotto offers players of any income a chance to win and dream BIG! The Mauritius Lotto the most pay-outs throughout the prize categories, which makes it a solid choice nationwide and abroad.

Odds of winning The Mauritius Lotto

The lottery currently offers 4 prize categories. A great news is that in case no winner is found, the Mauritius Lotto top prize rolls over to the next draw. As shown by official estimates, the odds of winning the top prize are 1 : 3,838,380.

Prize category
Matched numbers
Winning odds
Odds, %
1 : 3,838,380
1 : 18,816
1 : 456
₨ 100
1 : 32
Is the Mauritius Lotto a Scam?

Absolutely not! The Mauritius Lotto was launched in in 2009, an is still going strong over 11 years later.

The Mauritius Lotto is a completely legitimate national lottery and players can buy a ticket (it costs solely 20 Mauritian rupees) without worrying about being scammed.

The Mauritius Lotto is the first game in the portfolio of Lottotech Ltd. The company was established in May 2008 and a license for the operation of Mauritius Lotto was obtained in the spring of 2009.

Since its start, Lottotech Ltd. has paid out more than 243 million rupees to a national solidarity fund and over 3.5 billion rupees to a consolidated fund. In addition, the organization supports a trust fund for excellence in sport and a program aimed at empowering women.

Unfortunately, fake wins with other institutions have become a regular occurrence – Scammers are getting increasingly sophisticated in their attempts to get your money or personal details. Be alert and protect yourself from being scammed by following our tips.   

lottery scam is a type of advance-fee fraud which begins with an unexpected email notification, phone call, or mailing (sometimes including a large check) explaining that “You have won!” a large sum of money in a lottery.

What to do:

If you receive a letter or email claiming that you won a prize for the Mauritius Lotto but did not enter, it is strongly recommended that you:

Delete or destroy the letter or email immediately.

Do not open any link contained in a suspicious email.

Do not respond to, or contact, the sender.

Do not disclose any personal or financial information.

Do not send any money.

If you have already responded, break off contact with the fraudster immediately.

If you have provided personal or financial details, alert your bank immediately.

If you receive a suspicious email, or believe you have been the victim of internet fraud, report it to the police.

NB! Online threats are evolving all the time, so make sure you know what to look out for.

What is a VPN and what does it offer in terms of safety?

VPNs offer several other benefits:

They ensure information is encrypted, which saves users from the risks of data theft.

VPNs let users unblock websites that may be restricted because of your geographic location, and bypass content filters.

If users need an IP from a specific country, a VPN can help them with that.

Joining a lottery “club” will not improve your chances of winning foreign lotteries although Con artists will claim that pooling your money with other people means you can buy more tickets and have more chances to win.

The biggest note to remember – It’s impossible to win a lottery without buying a ticket and never share your banking or personal details with anyone!

Did you know?  Mobile devices can be just as vulnerable to online threats as our laptops. In fact, they face new risks, such as hazardous apps and dangerous links sent by text message.

Be careful where you click

Never respond to messages from strangers

Only download apps from official app stores

Make sure security software is enabled on your mobile, just like on computers and other devices.

The chances of recovering money from foreign crooks may be even worse than that of actually winning a lottery. Most lottery scams are executed by con artists in other countries, sometimes using U.S. addresses to disguise their real locations. Differences in legal systems, difficulties of conducting investigations in other countries, and expenses involved in pursuing cross-border fraud make the chances of getting your money back very, very slim to none.

Top steps for protecting personal data online:

Use an Ad Blocker on All Your Devices

Ads clutter a browsing experience and are often unwanted and obtrusive. Additionally, some ad practices, known as “Malvertising”, are outright dangerous! Malicious advertisers buy ad space on websites and place ads on sites that are infected with viruses, spyware, or malware.

Use an Anti-Tracking Tool on All Devices:

Desktop anti-tracking extensions identify third-party trackers and allow you to control which trackers are permitted while browsing the internet. They ensure that personally identifiable information is not sent to third parties that has been blocked. There are also browsers and mobile apps offer the same capabilities as an anti-tracking extension.

Beware of Phishing Schemes

Never open any emails that seem suspicious or click on any links that might be in the body of these suspicious emails. If the sender of the email is not someone known and trusted, mark the email as spam and block the sender. d while browsing the internet. They ensure that personally identifiable information is not sent to third parties that has been blocked. There are also browsers and mobile apps offer the same capabilities as an anti-tracking extension.

Change Cookie Settings & Adjust Your Privacy Settings

In browser settings, delete and block third-party cookies. When setting up software, accounts and online services, pay attention to the privacy settings and restrict data access if necessary.

Use a VPN on All Your Devices

VPNs (virtual private networks) provide online privacy and anonymity by allowing users to access a secure private network while sharing data across a public network. They use encryption protocols to encrypt any transmitted data and they disguise the IP address assigned to the user’s device – an IP address is used when building your digital fingerprint.

Did you know?  If your email address is publicly displayed in a forum signature, as a comment on a blog, in a winner’s list, social media or anywhere else that’s accessible via an internet search, scammers can find it. 

Setting up a strong password:

Extremely insecure combinations like “123456,” “password,” and “qwerty” are still regularly reported as the most common passwords. Such repeated or keyboard patterns as well as terms found in dictionaries are not a good idea because they often can be hacked in a matter of seconds using certain technologies.

The essentials:

No repeated or keyboard patterns as well as terms found in dictionaries

No reference to personal information (e.g., names or dates of birth)

Use a minimum of eight characters — the more, the better

Mix of capital and lowercase letters, special characters and numbers

A unique password for every service

Use a password manager with built-in password generator

Use two-factor authentication

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The Mauritius Lotto 6/40 began on November 7, 2009. To play the game, choose 6 numbers from 1-40. Drawings are held once a week on Saturdays.  The odds of winning Mauritius Lotto are one in 3,838,380, which for a pick-6 lotto game, are excellent odds.

Lottotech is the exclusive operator of the Mauritius National Lottery is aimed to raise funds for good causes and contributes significantly to community development, education, health, sports, cultural programs, and funding.   Lottotech, proudly reports –

Over Rs 4.4 Billion has been transferred to the Consolidated Fund

Over Rs 339.2 Million of unclaimed prizes have been transferred to the National Solidarity Fund

As part of the National CSR program, Lottotech has donated over Rs 1.2 Million in 2017 to NGOs working for promoting education and development of children and families.

As a responsible operator, Lottotech is charged with a duty of care to its players and winners, and with maintaining public trust and confidence in the Mauritius National Lottery

The Gambling Regulatory Authority Act, was passed in 2007, as a way to establish a proper regulatory framework for the gaming and betting industry in Mauritius. The Gambling Act focuses on responsible gambling and the prevention of under-age gambling. The legal gambling age in Mauritius has been set at 18.

Although it does refer to online gambling in their laws, with licensing issued to potential online gambling operators based in Mauritius, due to the small population size and low number of internet users, it’s not viewed as an attractive option for online operators to base themselves in this island nation, thus the Mauritius Lotto 6/40 is not currently available online.

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