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Gosloto Russia


Latest GOSLOTO Numbers and Results

R130,000,000 JACKPOT

499,231 Winners



Gosloto is a series of lottery games operated in Russia by the state-supported Stoloto which is the largest distributor of state-lotteries in the country. All lotteries in Russia are organised and regulated by the state according to Federal Law № 138-ФЗ.

There are 4 Gosloto games that are drawn at different times and on different days and pay out multi-million prize payouts. The prize money for Gosloto is generated from 50% of the ticket revenue.

Most popular Gosloto games are: 

gosloto 7/49 
gosloto 4/20
gosloto 6/45 

The goal of lotteries in Russia is to fund programmes aimed at developing culture and sport in the country. The state lotteries have already contributed 10 900 000 000 ₽ (R2.5 billion) to these charitable programmes. Taking part in a lottery in Russia like the Gosloto games is not only fun, it’s an investment in the development of culture and sport in Russia.

Stoloto is the largest distributor of nation-wide lotteries and works on the basis of agreements with authorised lottery operators that distribute lottery tickets and pay out prize winnings. Stoloto uses advanced modern technology to allow players from around the world to play their preferred games and lotteries online. Players living in Russia can visit Stoloto’s state-of-art lottery centre to view the lottery draws in action.

The 4 Gosloto games are:

Gosloto 4/20

Gosloto 5/36

Gosloto 6/45

Gosloto 7/49

The most popular game in this format is Gosloto 6/45. The largest jackpot payout to date in Russia was won in 2017 by an individual who played Gosloto 6/45. The lucky player won 364 million rubles (approximately R82 million).

Gosloto versus Russian Lotto

Gosloto and Russian Lotto are lotteries that are controlled by the Ministry of Finance in Russia.

Russian Lotto is a fun televised lottery game that is similar to Bingo. It’s designed to entertain viewers and players through the popular Russian show where balls are drawn out of a bag by presenters and celebrities.

The Russia Lotto television show is broadcast every week on Sunday at 14h00 Moscow time (13h00 SATS).


Players must be 18 years and older to play Gosloto and the Russian Lotto and must be residents of the country. To play Gosloto in South Africa, register and bet through a reputable online betting service such as Betway.

Here is a quick guide to the 4 Gosloto lotteries games that each have different betting formats and draw times.

How to play Gosloto 6/45

  • Cost of bet: 100 ₽
  • Record win: 358 358 566 RUB
  • Pick 6 numbers from a pool of 1 to 45
  • Players must correctly match 6 out 6 numbers drawn to win the jackpot
  • Gosloto has 5 prize tiers which can be won by correctly matching between 2 to 6 numbers drawn
Draws take place twice a day:

11h00 Moscow time (10h00 SATS)

23h00 Moscow time (22h00 SATS)

  • Cut-off time for ticket sales is 20-minutes before the draw
  • Tune in here for live Gosloto 4/20 results

How to play Gosloto 4/20

  • Cost of bet: 200 ₽
  • Record win: 286 147 104 RUB
  • Pick 4 numbers from a pool of 1 to 20 in Panel 1
  • Pick 4 numbers from a pool of 1 to 20 in Panel 2
Draw takes place twice a day:

10h00 Moscow time (09h00 SATS)

22h00 Moscow time (21h00 SAST)

  • Cut-off time for ticket sales is 20-minutes before the draw
  • Tune in here for live Gosloto 4/20 results

How to play Gosloto 5/36

  • Cost of bet:  40 ₽
  • Record win:  50 176 693 RUB
  • Pick 5 numbers from a pool of 1 to 36 in Panel 1
  • Pick at least 1 number from a pool of 1 to 4 in Panel 2
Draws take place 5 times a day:

12h00 Moscow time (11h00 SATS)

15h00 Moscow time (14h00 SATS)

18h00 Moscow time (17h00 SATS)

21h00 Moscow time (20h00 SATS)

23h59 Moscow time (22h59 SATS)

  • Cut-off time for ticket sales is 20-minutes before the draw
  • Tune in here for live Gosloto 7/49 results

How to play Gosloto 7/49

  • Cost of bet: 50 ₽
  • Record win: 134 957 197 RUB
  • Pick 7 numbers from a pool of 1 to 49
Draw takes place twice a day:


22h30 Moscow time

(09h30 and 21h30 SAST)

How to play Russian Lotto (Russian Bingo)

  • Cost of bet: 100 ₽
  • Record win: 1 000 000 000 RUB
Russian Lotto is based on the Gosloto 6/45 game. Players must correctly match 6 out of 6 numbers drawn from a pool of 1 to 45 numbers. Russian Lotto offers 5 prizes and you can win a cash prize for matching 2 up to 6 numbers.

Draws are broadcast live on TV weekly at 14h00 Moscow time (13h00 SATS).

  • Watch live broadcasts of the Russian Lotto here

How to play Gosloto from South Africa
Gosloto 6/45 is bet on by players around the world. You don’t need to live in Russia to reap the benefits of betting on Gosloto and winning big cash prizes. Registering with a licensed online betting service in South Africa makes Gosloto one of the easiest lotteries to access online.
Play Gosloto in South Africa following these quick and easy steps:

1. Register and open an online account with a licensed online betting service in South Africa

2. Choose which Gosloto game you want to play

3. Pick the numbers needed from the game pool

4. Play as many boards as you want to for a greater chance of winning cash prizes

5. Choose how many draws you want to enter

6. Confirm and pay for your bet online

Where to buy Gosloto tickets in Russia

Stoloto Lottery Centre is a state-of-the-art complex on Volgogradsky Prospect in Moscow, located close to Tekstilschiki Metro Station. It’s open every day from Monday to Sunday between 09h00 and 22h00 Moscow time.

Players can buy Gosloto and Russian Lotto tickets as well as tickets for the instant lotteries at Stoloto Lottery Centre. They can also watch live daily draws done by fully-automated lotto machines. Everything is automated at Stoloto Lottery Centre and there are no human operators. The specialised lotto machines are installed in a special room with transparent glass walls.

Daily draws are also broadcast on the Internet. Check here for latest results for Russian Lotto and Gosloto draws.

Other ways to buy Gosloto and Russian Lotto tickets in Russia

Stoloto Online Lottery Supermarket

Check website here: stoloto.ru

Retail point-of-sales in Russia

Rostelecom PJSC’s offices

Russian Post offices

Euroset and Svyaznoy mobile phone stores

Balt-loto lottery chain

Baltbet betting offices

Stoloto’s retail PoS

By phone using Google Play or App Store

Tickets by text message

Mobile website

Who can play Gosloto?
Players must be 18 years and older to bet on the lottery in Russia. Prize payouts are only paid to players who can present a valid Russian passport.

Where to claim your lottery winnings in Russia

Lucky winners can receive instant payouts from the Stoloto Lottery Centre, including cash payouts from 50 000 rubles and up to 300 000 rubles (by appointment). Cash winnings larger than 300 000 are paid by non-cash electronic transfer which is facilitated by a consultant at the Stoloto Lottery Centre.
Are Gosloto winnings taxed in Russia?

Russia has recently changed the tax laws pertaining to lottery payouts:

winnings that amount to less than 4 000 rubles are declared to the tax man at the players discretion

citizens are liable to declare and pay tax on amounts between 4 000 and 15 000 rubles

for winnings over 15 000, the lottery operator withholds the tax amount from the winnings and pays it over to the state


Russia Gosloto (Russian Lotto) was founded in 2003 according to a lottery law signed into government by Vladimir Putin. Gosloto 7/49 was launched two years later in 2005 and Gosloto 6/45 was launched in 2008.

Lotteries in Russia are owned by the state and operated by lottery operators under license. All lotteries in Russia are regulated by Federal Law № 138-ФЗ.

The two authorities who oversee Russian lotteries are:

Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation: Russian Lotto, Housing Lottery

Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation: Gosloto and Rapid lotteries

Structure and distribution of state lotteries in Russia

Lottery organisers

The Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation and Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation sign a contract with lottery organisers and confirm the conditions of the lottery.

Lottery operators

There are two lottery operators, namely State Sports Lotteries JSC and Sportloto LLC.

Lottery distribution

Nationwide distribution of state lotteries is managed by Stoloto. The company works on the basis of agreement with the lottery operators and is responsible for distributing lottery tickets (manual or online) and making lottery payouts to winners. According to Russian gambling law, Stoloto is mandated to send at least 50% of the cost of each ticket to the prize fund.

The government of Russia has a monopoly on lotteries in the country. There are no legal privately-owned lottery operators in the country. The state guarantees a fair process and payouts of winnings and deductions from lottery revenue is used to finance state cultural and sport programmes.

The lottery business in Russia is a multimillion-dollar industry and is growing year by year. In 2016, the number of tickets distributed through the Russian Post increased from previous levels by 46% (by almost 4 million tickets). In the first half of 2017, Gosloto generated 1.8 billion rubles for the state-owned lottery enterprise.

Stoloto has released statistics that show up to 76% of participants win cash prizes on the state lotteries. Every day, the company pays about 200 000 cash prize winnings of various amounts. And every week, about 15 winnings are paid out, equivalent to 1 million rubles or more.

Russian lottery partners

The state-supported lottery has partnered with reliable lottery partners around the world to ensure its lotteries operate in the best possible way and players have easy access to the advanced technology to bet on the state-supported lotteries.

Russian Post

Russian Post is the national postal operator comprises more than 40 000 post offices across Russia. It’s the oldest postal operator in Europe.


Evroset is the largest retail chain in Russia, specialising in trading mobile and portable electronics and providing services in mobile telecommunications and financial services. Evroset is the best-known retail chain of its kind in Russia and has more than 4 000 retail outlets and visited by over 50 million customers per month.


Rostelecom is the largest national telecommunication company in Russia and in Europe. The retail chain comprises 1 000 commercial hubs and service centres.


Megafon is a federal-level communications provider that is a leader in the telecommunications industry in Russia and in the world. The company has a subscriber base of more than 76 million people and has over 1 900 sales outlets.


Svyaznoy is the largest federal-level multi-channel retail outlet in Russia. There are over 2 800 Svyaznoy stores in Russia which are visited by over 1.5 million people every day.


BaltBet is a leading operator in the betting market. The betting company has over 500 betting outlets that are easy to access in the major city hubs.


Balt-Loto is a division of the Balt-Loto Group and is a federal lottery chain with over 150 offices in Russia. It is responsible for state lottery sales and payouts across Russia. You’ll find Balt-Loto outlets in major shopping malls, at grocery store chains and at train stations.


Pyaterochka is the largest federal grocery chain in Russia found in suburban neighbourhoods. The company supervises over 9 000 supermarkets and is a division of X5 Retail Group.


NTV is a national television company in Russia that boasts regular audience numbers of over 120 million people. It’s one of the top 3 most popular television channels in Russia and broadcasts to 99.2% of the Russian population.

Argumenty I Fakty

Argumenty I Fakty is a leading national daily newspaper and one of the most popular media services in Russia. The newspaper boasts daily readership of 6.5 million people and a semi-annual readership of 26.5 million people which is almost half of the population of Russia.


Yandex.Money is a leader in electronic payment services in Russia. The facility can receive and process payments throughout Russia and accepts cards, cash and e-money transactions.

Qiwi Wallet

Qiwi Wallet is a payment service that boasts usership of over 18 million virtual wallets. The facility has over 157 000 payment terminals and kiosks and on average processes 69 billion rubles in monthly transactions from more than 53 million clients.a

Wallet One

Wallet One is a leading payment service provider. Over 7 million companies use Wallet One as their preferred payment platform. The company has over 40 000 online outlets in more than 15 countries around the world.

World Lottery Association

World Lottery Association is an international professional group of companies that is made up of state lottery operators, sports betting operators and supplies of special lottery equipment. The association oversees more than 140 lottery operators in over 75 companies spread around the world.

European Lotteries Association

European Lotteries Association is a leading participator in the world-wide lottery industry. The lottery company has a presence in 45 countries which includes 28 EU member states.

Where is Russia?

The Russian Federation is located in Eastern Europe. By a small margin, Russia is the largest country in the world by area and covers more than one-eight of the Earth’s inhabited land areas.

Russia spans 11 time zones and borders 16 sovereign nations. The territory of Russia extends from the Baltic Sea in the west, to the Pacific Ocean in the east and from the Arctic Ocean in the north and the Black Sea and the Caucasus in the south.

Russia is home to over 146 million inhabitants who reside in 85 federal states. It’s the most populated country in Europe and the 9th-most populated country in the world.

The capital and largest city in Russia is Moscow. Other major cities include Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan and Chelyabinsk.

History of gambling in Russia?

Gambling is legal in Russia but only in six authorised regional districts:  Altai, Krasnodar, Kalingrad and Primorsky, Crimea and Sochi. Gambling is illegal in all other areas in Russia except for state-run lotteries and sportsbooks. These are legal across the whole of Russia.

There are a limited number of sportsbook operating in Russia. The most popular sportsbooks are Leon, LigaStavok, 88.ru, Winline and 1xStavka. Bwin was launched in 2017 and is operated by Digital Betting.

All forms of online gambling are banned in Russia. The only exception is online Poker because this is regarded as a game of skill rather than a gambling game. Online casino games have been banned in Russia since April 2017.

Russian gamblers have found a way around the ban on digital lottery games by accessing online betting sites. However, the government has taken steps to deal with this issue by demanding Internet service providers block any gambling-related websites to Russian-based devices.

The reason why Russia has taken a fairly draconian stance on gambling in the country was because gambling, particularly among the youth, got seriously out of hand after gambling restrictions were lifted in the country.

Under Soviet Rule, all forms of gambling were banned across Russian territories. It remained this way until 1988 when slot machines were first introduced at hotels in Russia as part of the USSR State Committee of Foreign Tourism. The idea was to accommodate foreign tourists visiting Russia.

In 1989, the blanket ban on gambling in Russia was lifted and the first official gambling house was opened in Moscow. By 2002, Moscow had more 50 fully-operational casinos.

Gambling continued unabated until 2009 when President Putin received report linking gambling to organised crime. Putin made the decision to impose a wide-scale ban on gambling but allowed legalized gambling operations in four designated districts to continue to accommodate tourist gambling. This was largely influenced by Russia hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and the bid to host the 2018 World Cup.

As would be expected, a gambling black market has thrived in Russia since the wide-scale ban was imposed. It’s estimated that about US$11.8 billion is spent every year in Russia on sports betting. Only 35% of that goes to state-approved lottery institutions and the rest is swallowed up by illegal gambling operations in Russia.

Today, only state-sanctioned lotteries and sports betting is legal in Russia in the 6 designated districts mentioned above.



Gosloto 6/45 compared to the Top 10 lotteries in the world

Record win: 358 358 566 RUB

Odds of winning Gosloto 6/45 jackpot is 1 in 8 145 060.

#1 US Mega Millions

US Mega Millions is one of two lottery giants in the United States. Mega Millions is on record as having the largest lottery jackpot payout in the world: US$ 648 million won on two tickets. Odds of winning US Mega Millions jackpot is 1 in 258 900 000.

#2 US Powerball

US Powerball is the second-larges lottery in the United States. It paid out a record-breaking US$ 590 million jackpot. Odds of winning US Powerball jackpot is 1 in 292 201 338.

#3 EuroMillions

EuroMillions is the leading lottery in Europe and unites lottery organisations from different countries in Europe. This includes Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. EuroMillions offers jackpots as high as €190 million. Odds of winning EuroMillions jackpot is 1 in 139 838 160.

#4 EuroMillions UK

EuroMillions UK is the United Kingdom version of EuroMillions and includes not only the classic lottery but also a raffle. A ticket contains a code that has to match the code in each respective draw in order for a player to win the special raffle. Each winning code can payout up to £1 million to the ticket holder. EuroMillions UK special draws offer 100 codes which means 100 players can become a million in one night. Odds of winning EuroMillions UK jackpot is 1 in 1 900 000.

#5 Loteria de Navidad

Loteria de Navidad is the online Spanish Christmas lottery (raffle) that takes place once a year. The total payout for Loteria de Navidad is in the region of €2.24 billion. With the chance to win a portion of that whopping amount, the Spanish Christmas raffle is so popular that it’s become a Christmas tradition in the country. Odds of winning Loteria de Navidad jackpot is 1 in 100 000.

#6 EuroJackpot

EuroJackpot is the youngest lottery in Europe but is getting more and more popular. In some countries, EuroJackpot is more popular than EuroMillions. There are 14 participating countries in the Eurojackpot. Odds of winning Powerball EuroJackpot is 1 in 95 344 200.

#7 Powerball Australia

Powerball Australia is based on the well-known Powerball format although its jackpots cannot be compared to the best Powerball games in the world. Its top payouts are as high as AU$80 million. Odds of winning Powerball Australia jackpot is 1 in 134 400 000.

#8 La Primitiva Spain

La Primitiva Spain is a popular Spanish lottery that was launched in 2013. Record jackpot payouts have been €24.92 million in 2005, €26 million in 2007, €32 million in 2013 and €66.6 million in August 2013. Odds of winning La Primitiva Spain jackpot is 1 in 13 900 000.

#9 Loteria National Monthly Raffle

The Loteria National Monthly Raffle is another popular Spanish raffle. It has made a few lucky players multi-millionaires and revenue generated from the lottery funds charitable causes such as the Red Cross and the National Library. Odds of winning Loteria National Monthly Raffle is 1 in 3. The odds are very good because each ten-share ticket could match more than 35 000 winning combinations.

#10 SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto is the national lottery in Italy. The jackpot payout rolls over and grows until it is won. The latest big SuperEnalotto jackpot was won by 57 lucky winners. The odds of winning SuperEnalotto jackpot is 1 in 622 614 630.


Gosloto games are drawn at different times and on different days. Numbers are drawn at random and each number has an equal chance of being drawn. There is no magical or scientific way to predict the lucky Gosloto winning numbers.

However, you can increase your chance of winning a Gosloto payout by being in the game more often.

You can do this in 3 ways:

Subscribe to the game for a fee (bulk or monthly) so that you are always in a Gosloto draws.

Start a lottery pool in the office or with family and friends so you can pool your money. This allows you to purchase more tickets more often and increases your chance of winning great cash prizes on any of the Gosloto games.

Join a lottery syndicate where tickets are bought in bulk. A syndicate has increased buying power and players participate in more draws more often when in a syndicate. It’s estimated that one in every 4 lottery jackpots is won in the UK by a lottery syndicate.

Remember to check your daily ticket. It’s amazing how many lottery winnings are not claimed by players. Always write your name and number on the back of your ticket in case you lose it.


There are four Gosloto games that fall under the regulated state lottery organisation in Russia. The formats are 6/45, 7/49, 5/36 and 4/20. The 6 out of 45 Gosloto game is the most popular and the Russian Lotto is based on the outcome of the 6/45 game.

What makes the Gosloto games popular in Russia is they are not only fun and exciting to play, they also generate much-needed revenue for charitable cultural and sports programmes registered through the state-funded lottery organisation. This means the money players spend on any of the Russian lotteries goes towards developing culture and sport in Russia.

At least 50 percent of the money generated through ticket sales goes towards the Gosloto prize pool. Gosloto has a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 50 million rubles (US$ 0.79 million). If there are not winners in the individual Gosloto draws, the jackpot rolls over. This means that each jackpot keeps growing.

Gosloto is also quite affordable. At a cost of 100 rubles (US$ 1.57) per bet, it costs you a lot less to bet on the Russian lottery games than other global national lotteries.

Gosloto lucky winners have 180 days from the draw to collect their payout. If a player doesn’t collect their prize money, the money is forwarded to lottery organisation that distributes funds to the state-supported charitable causes.

Gosloto jackpots are paid out as a single lump sum. Smaller prizes can be claimed for a licensed lottery retail outlet. Larger prize payouts and the jackpot need to be claimed from the Stoloto Lottery Centre.

The best thing about betting on the Russian Lotto and Gosloto is how easy it is to buy tickets. Players can place bets through the Russia Post Office, authorised lottery retail outlets, the official Stoloto website and online through reputable betting services using their Smartphone.


Each Gosloto game is a game of chance and there is no way of accurately predicting what numbers will be drawn. There are many myths that circulate online that create the impression that players can elude the odds and win big cash prizes. It’s always a mystery when prediction is what a player wants. 

Here are 10 common lottery myths:

Myth 1: You stand a better chance of winning the lottery if you use Quick Pick

The lottery system draws numbers using a random algorithm and numbers picked manually or using Quick Pick have an equal chance of being drawn. There is no proof that Quick Pick creates more winners. Quick Pick is convenient and saves you from having to come up with your own numbers all the time.

Myth 2: Every number combination has the same probability

The thinking is that when you combine numbers, the probability changes and the probability of your number combination depends on its structure. Some combinations will appear more often than others and some combinations are not likely to appear.

Myth 3: You can pick winning numbers by studying past lottery results

The lottery does not work on individual numbers. You have to pick 5 or 6 correct numbers to win a cash prize. The thinking is if you look at combination patterns rather than individual numbers and you use mathematics with binomial coefficients and a detailed probability analysis, it is possible to determine winning number combinations.

Myth 4: You cannot predict winning numbers on a lottery game

The thinking is that you can tell how a pattern performs in a given number of draws by multiplying probability by the number of draws to get the estimation.

Myth 5: Picking hot numbers gives you a better chance of winning

This is where players pick the most common numbers that have occurred in the past 100 draws. According to the probability theory, every number has an equal chance of being drawn but if a single number appears at a higher frequency, then the other numbers will occur more or less in the same frequency over a large number of trials.

Myth 6: The best time to play the lottery is when the jackpot is big

Actually, this is the ‘worst time’ to play the lottery because big jackpots attract substantially more lottery players. There’s a good chance that if you win a big payout on a lottery with a big jackpot, you will have to share it with other lucky winning players.

Myth 7: Number 13 is an unlucky number

This is an ‘old-wives’ tale because there are no unlucky or unlucky numbers. All numbers have the same theoretical probability of being drawn.

Myth 8: Prime numbers are drawn more often

Again, the argument is to look at number combinations rather than individual numbers. What is known is that playing all-odd numbers or all-even numbers reduces your chance of winning a lottery payout because numbers like this in a combination rarely occur.

Myth 9: It’s not a good idea to use dates for special occasions

Lottery experts tell you not to use numbers that are dates for birthdays, anniversaries or your children’s ages because they are poor numbers. It’s not because they’re poor numbers but because they’re likely to be used by many other people. This means that a jackpot payout will be shared with many players.

Myth 10: Select numbers using a visual pattern

The only reason you would pick numbers on a board using a pattern such as a zig-zag or up-down-sideways pattern is if you’ve run out of inspiration to manually pick your own numbers. In this case, use the QuickPick option and the machine will randomly generate numbers for you.


Gosloto 6/45

1st prize 6 matched numbers1 : 8 145 060
2nd prize 5 matched numbers1 : 34 808
3rd prize 4 matched numbers 1 : 733
4th prize 3 matched number 1 : 45
5th prize 2 matched numbers 1 : 7

Gosloto 4/20

1st prize 4 matched each in Field 1 & 21 : 23 474 025

Gosloto 5/36

1st prize 5+1 matched numbers 1 : 376 992
2nd prize4 matched numbers
3rd prize 3 matched numbers
4th prize 2 matched numbers

Gosloto 7/49

1st prize 7 matched numbers1 : 85 900 584
2nd prize 6 matched numbers 1 : 292 179
3rd prize 5 matched numbers 1 : 4 751
4th prize 4 matched numbers 1 : 214

Gosloto and Russian Lotto is not a scam and are legal lotteries operating in Russia. You can play the Gosloto games and Russian Lotto with the confidence that payouts are guaranteed.

Gosloto offers 4 popular games that operate under the stated-regulated national lottery in Russia. Tickets are distributed by Stoloto which is the largest lottery distributor in Russia. It’s also the only entity in Russia that may legally sell national lottery tickets online.

Stoloto’s activities are governed by laws and overseen by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. Stoloto is not only mandated to ensure prize payouts are distributed on time to lucky winners, the company is also responsible for distributed funds generated from the lotteries to the registered cultural and sports causes.

On a general note, don’t be taken by any of lottery scam that promises you unexpected prize money for a competition or lottery that you have never entered.

How lottery scams work

Someone contacts you either by email, text message or phone to say you have won a lot of money on a competition using your name and details from something like a promotion or research survey. You are requested to pay a fee to claim your prize which is to cover the cost of transferring the money to your account.

You’re also asked to provide your banking details where the money should be paid out. The email or text is always ‘urgent’ and you’re told to respond quickly or risk losing out on the prize money.

The scammers make money from the ‘fee’ you pay them or they use your banking details to take wipe out your bank account.

People do fall for these lottery scams because the scammers are masters at what they do. They usually have obtained your personal information which makes it sound like a legitimate deal. Sometimes, the scammers even send you money as ‘part of your winnings’. This cheque will bounce but often only after you have given them more information and money they ask for.

Warning signs of a lottery scam

You receive correspondence via email, text or phone to say you’ve won a guaranteed prize in a lottery or competition but you never bought a ticket or entered the competition.

The scammer claims you are a winner using personal email and social media information that makes it look genuine.

To claim your prize, the scammers ask you to buy pay a fee or tax on the prize money.

You’re asked to provide personal details such as your ID and contact details such as a postal address as well as banking details for the electronic transfer.

What to do if you are approached by a lottery scammer

Ignore anything that is suspicious. Do not even reply to a message saying you’ve won a large cash prize or even something like a fancy holiday, electronic goods or gifts.

Never pay a fee to win a prize. Ithuba National Lottery does not charge a fee for any prize-winning transaction and the only way they can access your banking details is from the authorised Prize Claim Form that you are required to complete.

Don’t trust anyone who asks you to send them money or give your credit card, banking details or copies of personal information in exchange for prize money.

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Gosloto is a brand of lottery games that are played in Russia and operate under supervision of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. At least 50% of revenue generated from lotteries in Russia are used to fund state-supported cultural and sports development programmes.

Russian Lotto is a televised lottery that is drawn every Sunday at 14h00 Moscow time. The lottery is based on the outcome of the Gosloto 6/45 lottery.

There are 4 different Gosloto games on offer that are drawn at different times on different days. The most popular is Gosloto 6/45 with odds of winning the 1st prize with 6 matched numbers set at 1 in 8.1 million. The highest jackpot payout for Gosloto 6/45 was over 358 million RUB.

In brief, the four Gosloto games are:

Gosloto 4/20

Draws take place daily at 10h00 and 22h00 Moscow time

Gosloto 5/36

Draws take place 5 times a day at 12h00, 15h00, 18h00, 21h00 and 23h59 Moscow time

Gosloto 5/36

Draws take place twice at day at 11h00 and 23h00 Moscow time

Gosloto 7/49

Draws take place twice a day at 10h30 and 22h30

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