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French lotto ball frequency and statistics

What is the France lotto / French Loto
France Lotto / French Loto

The France lotto a.k.a French loto is quick and easy to pick up and really fun to play. You will first have to pick 5 numbers from a range of 1-49 and then you have to pick a bonus ball from a range of 1-10. Get the total 6 numbers correct to win the jackpot. The Drawing are being held on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 21:20 South African Standard time. The starting jackpot is worth €2 million that increases by €1 million each time it isn’t won.

Française des Jeux is the operator of all the lottery games in France. Since 1976 the French lotto has been making Millionaires and paying out Jackpot prizes.

The French loto also offers players to opt in to a second draw that costs an additional €0.80 to stand a chance to win up to €100 000. This is a separate draw where you have to choose a number between 1-49. The same numbers will be used that was selected from the main lotto draw and if all 5 match the second draw then they win the amount.

The French loto also offers a raffle that guarantees 10 players in each draw will win €20 000. There will be a code printed alongside every line played on the lotto then the ticket holders that have matching codes will win the amount.

Special drawing also take place for the French loto on Friday the 13th as the raffle will also take place on the date and the 22nd of December as it is the Grand Loto de Noël.

France Lotto information

Guess Range
FranceMonday 21:20 PM UTC+2:00
1-49 +1-10
Wednesday 21:20 PM UTC+2:00
Saturday 21:20 PM UTC+2:00

Prize pool Categories

Main Draw
Prize tier
Odds of winning
0 numbers + Bonus number
1 in 18
2 numbers
1 in 16
2 numbers + Bonus number
1 in 144
3 numbers
1 in 224
3 numbers + Bonus number
1 in 2.016
4 numbers
1 in 9.631
4 numbers + Bonus number
1 in 88.677
5 numbers
€100 000
1 in 2.118.760
5 numbers + Bonus number
1 in 19.068.840
Second Draw
Winning tier
Odds of winning
2 numbers matched
€3 (fixed)
1 in 14
3 numbers matched
€30 (estimated)
1 in 202
4 numbers matched
€500 (estimated)
1 in 8,668
5 numbers
€100 000 (fixed)
1 in 1,906,884
How to play the French lotto
If you are situated in South Africa you will easily be able to participate in the French loto with the rest of the world. Each player has to select 5 number between 1-49 and then a chance number between 1-10. The average price for a ticket is €2.20 and the player needs to match all of the six numbers to win the top prize. If you match just the chance ball you win back the €2.20 you paid for the ticket and your odds are 1 in 18, so it’s definitely worth it to play. The lotto jackpot can roll over 34 times and then if there is no top tier winner after that then the money will be distributed among the highest winning tier players. All the prizes will be paid out as tax-free lump sums but if you bought your tickets via a concierge you will need to consult with your tax advisors in your own location.

Step by step guide on how to play the French loto

Lotteries have been an excitement in France since 1505 when it was first introduced by King Francis. Then 5 centuries later it was run by La Française des Jeux that was one of the 3 EuroMillions co-founders. In the modern era France lottery is using a double matrix design and a second from from where the lucky number will be selected.
The top 5 biggest lottery payouts in history
Rand value
EuroJackpot (EU)
€90 million
R1.530 billion
EuroMillions (EU)
€190 million
R3.240 billion
SuperEnaLotto (IT)
€207 million
R3.530 billion
MegaMillions (US)
$1.537 billion
R23.640 billion
PowerBall (US)
$1.586 billion
R27.000 billion


A lucky lotto player from the department of Sarthe won the France Loto special Christmas draw on the 24th of December 2019. A total of about €15 million was won by this lucky player on their Christmas morning. The best way you could possibly run into the next year. Another 100 France Loto players will be awarded a total of €20 000 each from the raffle draw. Française des Jeux(FDJ) held a special draw on Friday the 13th of September 2019 offering a €13 million top up prize. Unfortunately there were no winners for this prize and the jackpot began a rollover streak that lasted untill the 28th of September 2019.
French lotto historical results

From South Africa, not only can you place a bet on France Lotto, but also review the history of past France Lotto results to find out if your bet has won in any of the previous draws. Viewing historical lotto results simplify the way in which you check draw results and can also help you make theories based on previous winning numbers.

As mentioned, analysing past results can help you choose your winning numbers. For example, the theory of hot and cold numbers believed that some numbers tend to be more successful in a draw. The hot numbers are the ones that have appeared the greatest number of times in that draw for a specific period and the cold numbers are those which have not. Based on that, analysing the most common numbers could help you choose your lucky bet! Even if there are lots of theories and strategies to choose the numbers, in the end they all have the same probabilities to win. Don’t forget you can also select your numbers randomly.

Comparison table
In this table we will be comparing in depth the prices for every ticket, the odds of winning the jackpot, the highest jackpot won, the draw days, the date of the biggest jackpot in history, the numbers drawn the most amount of times for each country, the starting jackpot and when the lotto started in each country.
United statesEurope


South Africa



United Kingdom

Price for ticket$2€2.50
Odds of winning
The jackpot
1 in 302,575,350
1 in 139,838,160
1 in 19,068,840
1 in 20,358,520
1 in 622,614,630
1 in 31,625,100
1 in 45,057,474
Highest jackpot won
$1.537 billion
$1.5 billion
£170.2 m
Draw days
Wednesday, Saturday
Tuesdays, Fridays
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
Wednesday, Saturday
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Date of the biggest jackpot
Number drawn the most amount of times
When did it start
Starting Jackpot
£2,500,000 / £5,000,000
Tips when playing the French Lotto

Join a syndicate

20% of all the main cash prizes are won by syndicates. Only because a group of friends or family pooled their funds together to maximize their chances of winning. It gives you the chance to play with more numbers and play more games that will increase the chance of you becoming a millionaire. You will have to share the money with your friends but a massive amount like €24m between 10 friends is still a huge amount and bear in mind that your chances are much higher. It’s not that easy though because organizing a syndicate is a difficult task.

Make system Bets

Why play with 6 numbers when you can play seven and even 17. System betting increases your chances of winning the main prize by allowing you to take extra numbers with the standard amount.

For example one bet for six numbers will cost you €2.20. You can add extra numbers to increase your chances of winning. For an additional €10,29 you can play with 7 numbers instead that gives you seven potential combinations instead of 1. You can even play System 8 which gives you 28 potentially winning combinations.

Pick random numbers

This will definitely not have any impact on your chances of winning but it will make a big difference in how much you win if your ticket turns out to be good.

For example many people choose a ticket that is compromised out of notable birthdays that means if your ticket wins but your numbers are between 1-31 there will be a much higher chance of you sharing your winning with a lot of people.

Try More Often

If you are really serious about increasing your chances of winning the French loto make sure you always bet on your favorite draw. (talk about affiliate and what notifications they offer players)
Worldwide Lotteries

More than 100 countries are government-operated lotteries and you will struggle to find a country that’s not.

Nevertheless, it still shouldn’t keep you from playing another countries lotto and trying out your luck. Remember if you live in South Africa with the current exchange rate between Euro and rand, winning the jackpot in the French loto will be worth much more than winning it in South Africa.

Take a look at some of the other countries lotto payouts versus the top biggest South African lottery winnings

SA biggest lottery winnings
SA Powerball
SA Powerball
SA Lotto
SA Powerball
SA Lotto
Other Lotto’s biggest winnings
Record payout
Rand value
Hong Kong Lotto
HK$169,3 million
R330 million
French Lotto
$24 million
R406 million
German Lotto
€45,4 million
R770 million
Australian Lotto
$112 million AUD
R1.150 billion
Irish Lotto
18,9 million
R320 million
As you can see the payouts in other countries is a much more significant amount than South Africa. Playing another countries lotto is definitely worth a better shot even your odds of winning is much higher. For example, in the comparison table mentioned above your odds of winning in France is 1 in 19,068,840 and in South Africa it is 1 in 20,358,520. That’s a difference of 1 289 680‬ and your starting jackpot in South Africa is only R1,000,000 while in the France loto it is €2,000,000. The biggest jackpot won in south Africa is only R232,131,750 while in France it is €24m. Definitely consider playing the France lotto if you haven’t already.
Why the France lotto is so popular

There has been a rumor going around that it’s possible to predict the lucky numbers in the France lotto to win the jackpot and a lot of people will try to convince you that it is. As there are many common myths about lucky lotto numbers is there any truth in what this rumor expresses.

There is no way that you can accurately predict what the exact winning number combinations will be. The Lottery is drawn by selecting random numbers so the chances of a number being drawn again will be reset with every new draw. There are some common tips you can use like tracking cold and hot numbers avoiding some combinations that have already been drawn and then mixing up your numbers with odd and even numbers. The biggest thing you need to remember is that lotto consists completely out of luck, there are no statistics involved. If you are interested, you can also look at the previous France loto results and see which numbers are repeated in each draw.

So why is the France lotto so hugely popular? The main reason is because it offers a greater chances to win cash prizes and the draws take place 3 times a week. With the jackpot starting at €2,000,000 which works out at around R33 million. If no one wins then the cash prize rolls over adding another €1,000,000 and is capped at about €36 million.

France loto myths
All you need to win the French lotto is good fortune. I would suggest consulting your horoscope or sleep with your lucky rabbit’s foot under your pillow. There are many tips and trick online that tell you how to improve your odds and most just myths, there is absolutely no way you can predict the France lotto lucky number combination. We created a list with the different myths.

The myth about predicting winning numbers

Let’s start of by saying that if it was easy to predict the winning numbers all of us would be multi-millionaires. Don’t even waste your time searching for ways to improve your chances of winning, each number combination is equally likely to be drawn. You can study winning number combinations for fun but it’s impossible to predict what the next combination will be.

The myth about pairs, triplets and hot and cold numbers

Most fans believe that because a hot number appeared about 100 times or more in the past draws that it will definitely keep appearing in the next or that they have appeared to often and won’t come up for a while again. Cold numbers haven’t been used in a long time so they will most likely show up soon or just stay cold. Keeping in mind all the theories remember that every number has the same chance of being drawn.

The myth about lucky and unlucky numbers

The biggest myth out there is that seven is a lucky number and 13 is an unlucky number. Obviously there are a few numbers that have appeared more than other but it has no effect in any lottery draws. The number 41 has been drawn over 200 times in the French lotto and even number 13 has been drawn over 200 times as well. We compiled a list for the different lotto’s and most common numbers drawn in each.

Lotto Most common numberSecond most common numberThird most common number
US powerball
US MegaMillions
Irish Lotto
France Lotto
SA lotto

The myth about Betting on the same numbers will make you win eventually

Most of us are created of habit as I would like to say. We like to stick to the same digits but this won’t really make a difference. I mean if you think about it if you stick to the same numbers its like picking randomly. The lotto draw is random and to stick with a 6 number combination the whole time isn’t worth trying. Rather choose your 6 numbers randomly or based on lucky numbers if you prefer.

The myth about a combination pattern

A lot of fans believe that there is actually a pattern that emerges if you study the lotto winning numbers for a while but in truth it is just a common myth. There is no magic secret to winning the grand prize.

The myth about the fewer people that bet the better your chances

Obviously if you win with a higher amount of players your winnings might be less if you win but this will not mean you have a greater chance of winning. For example of you are the only player playing you still have to guess the right number combination and it will still be random. The more people that play only improves the chances of the lotto being won by a random player.

The myth about your odds being better if the payout is smaller

The size of the payout has no bearing on your chance of winning. You can however increase your chances of winning if you purchase more tickets.

You have to enjoy some luck in order to win. There is no escaping that each of the numbers has an equal chance of being drawn. Many of the France Lotto fans use the quick pick option. This is a completely random selection and your chances of winning are as high as any other strategy. So you have to at least try your luck you might just become the next multi-millionaire.

Odds of winning

Like stated previously your odds of winning the French lotto is 1 in 19,068,840 which is better odds than South Africa but in the list below is a comparison to different lotteries and the overall odds of winning any prize.
Odds of winning any cash prize
Overall odds
French Lotto
1 in 6
SA Lotto
1 in 96
SA powerball
1 in 36
Spanish Lotto
1 in 10
UK Lotto
1 in 9,3
Austrian Lotto
1 in 12
1 in 13

As you can see the odds of winning a prize in the South African lotto is significantly lower than winning a prize at the French Lotto in fact the overall odds of winning a prize in the French lotto is better odds than any other Lotto. This is why playing the French lotto is extremely popular for Lotto players to date.

Lottery scams
We all know lottery scams happen every day and if you were by chance a victim in one of these scams we are sorry to hear about that. However, there are ways you can avoid these scams. If you think you are being scammed then run through our checklist and see if your scam corresponds to it. One of the most common scams will tell you that you have to pay a handling fee before you can receive the money. You can also be told that your phone number has been randomly selected as a winner. Another common scam that we also notice is a person pretending to be a lottery winner wanting to share his prize.
There are a lot of different ways that scammers can reach out to you. Here are some of the ways that most scammer will reach out to you.


This is a really common method used by scammers because of it having no extra financial cost


Look out for calls saying that you won a prize. They will try their best to sound professional and make you feel confident that its genuine news. Don’t give out any financial information like your card number.


A really common method for scammers to use as well. They usually say that you are a winner of a raffle or lottery draw and your number has been chosen. If you call this number they could charge a hefty fee and even making it possible for them to hack your phone.


You could even receive a letter through the post saying that you won a prize and they do look really authentic with official looking logos. They might even ask you to call a number provided in the post to make your claim.

Social Media:

They use social media platforms and say that your profile has been chosen to win a Instagram or Facebook raffle or draw.

Here are some tips on how to spot a Lottery Scam

Is the reference realistic

You might think of this as common sense but infact its so easy to let your guard down when you think you won a huge amount of money that might chance your life forever. It is best to look if the prize is referenced realistically. For example, if you live in South Africa and you receive a message from the UK Lottery stating that you won €2000 that’s a sign that it isn’t real.

Date when you entered the lottery

This is one of the golden rules of spotting a scam and its simple, if you didn’t play you didn’t win.

Are you being asked for a payment

No lottery company will ever ask you to pay a fee to receive your money. If you receive a message stating that you won €2000 for example and you need to pay €200 for them to release the money, it’s definitely a scam. There is no such thing a handling fee or release fee.

Are they asking you to keep the news confidential

This is a scare tactic scammer will use. They are limiting their chances of their fraud being exposed to the police or the lottery they are pretending to be. There is nothing holding you back from exposing this great news to your family and friends straight away.

Are they asking you to keep the news confidential

This is a scare tactic scammer will use. They are limiting their chances of their fraud being exposed to the police or the lottery they are pretending to be. There is nothing holding you back from exposing this great news to your family and friends straight away.

Are you being pressured to respond

You do have a certain amount of time to claim your prize. It differs from every Lottery and it will be listed in their terms and conditions. Check that it corresponds with the terms and conditions of that specific lottery. You will usually have several months and sometimes even a year to claim your prize

Does the message look professional

Frauds have developed over the last few years and it does look a lot more sophisticated than what it always used to. You should still note how professional it looks. The first thing to look out for even if it does look professional is if the lottery actually exists. For example if the name is South Africa Mega millions lotto then you should immediately see a red flag.

Do they know your name

This Is very important, You should receive a genuine winner notification with your name unless you play online you could receive one without your name but look out for messages starting with “Dear winner” and “Dear account holder”.

Take a look at the email address

Just have a quick look at the received email address and see if it does really look like a genuine Companies email. For example, a genuine lottery company will never send you an email through a personal Hotmail or or Google mail (Gmail) account

The golden rules to avoid scams

Never make a payment

Don’t ever make a payment if asked to for you to receive your winnings. Avoid giving away financial information as far as possible. Don’t open any links that are sent to you if you are reading this and already responded then stop the conversation immediately and if you have already leaked some of your financial information inform your bank immediately and report the scam to the authorities .

Claim direct

If you have been reached out by one of the communication methods above and you believe that its really genuine and you know that bought a ticket for that game don’t just simply go along rather take a look at the small print of the ticket you bought and follow the official claims process and if it was purchased online then log into your account and follow the claims process that is listed on the website.


Remember that you cannot win any prize without participating. If you never bought any ticket, then you cannot win. Scammer will tell you that a random lottery selected your number and entered it in a lucky draw.


Yes, you win an amount of €5 and your odds of winning are 1 in 16

The draw takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8pm CET

Yes you can play the French lotto online

You will only have 60 days from the draw date to claim your prize money.

€500 will be the prize and your odds will be 1 in 9,631

There is no way to cheat the lottery, if there was the lottery would have lost a lot of money already. The numbers are picked randomly so there is no pattern or trick you can use to win.

The French Loto is worth more than €3 billion

The safest way to claim your prize is to follow the instructions on the official website of the lottery.

You need to get at least 2 numbers correct or just the bonus number will give you the money back that you paid for the ticket

There is a total of 6 numbers in the French lotto the first 5 numbers you have to choose are between 1-49 and the 6th number is between 1-10

Yes, there are a lot of myths concerning this subject and a lot of tips about ways to win the lottery but all of this is false because the lottery is chosen randomly

41 is the luckiest number and most drawn in the French loto

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The Lotto is not an easy game to win. It’s a guessing game and the odds are never in your favor. The only way to win is to guess random numbers and hoping for the best. Look out for the lotto scams they are everywhere and can happen to anyone. Please refer back to the guidelines if you think you are being scammed. You could just be the next multi-millionaire so why not just try your luck.
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