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Fantasy 5 Florida

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Latest Numbers and Results

R130,000,000 JACKPOT

499,231 Winners

What is the Fantasy 5 Florida

The best lotto wager you can make in Florida is on the Fantasy Five game. Fantasy 5 Florida has been utilizing the 5/36 arrangement since July 15, 2001 and has held more than 3,500 drawings from that point forward. You have to pick five numbers from 1 to 36. Drawings are held day by day, 7 days per week. At the point when the lottery big stake of $200,000 isn’t won, the prize cash is part among the second prize lotto champs, frequently paying in overabundance of $1,000 per victor.

The chances of getting four winning lotto numbers are one in only 2,432. The chances of winning the primary prize big stake are one of every 376,992. Contrast that with the big stake chances of one out of 22,957,480 of winning the Florida Lotto 6/53; or the chances of one of every 292 million to dominate the Powerball match; or the chances of one of every 302,575,350 to win Mega Millions. Dream 5 is certainly the best game to play in Florida. The FL Fantasy 5 big stake won’t make you uber rich, however when you win it, you will be extremely, glad.

Fantasy 5 Florida information
Guess Range
FloridaDaily at 11:15 pm ET

Prize pool Categories

Main Draw
Numbers Matched

Estimated Prize
Estimated Rolldown Prize
5 $200,000

1 in 376,992
4 $107
$555 (maximum)
1 in 2,432.21
1 in 81.07
2Free Ticket
Free Ticket
1 in 8.39
How to play Fantasy 5 Florida

What would you do if you won a prize of around $200,000? With FANTASY 5, you can! Also, if there is no top-prize victor, the top prize moves down to the 4-of-5 and 3-of-5 prize levels. Dream 5 has bunches of champs. You can win a free ticket for coordinating only two numbers. Tickets cost $1 per play.

To play, get a FANTASY 5 playslip at an approved Florida Lottery retailer. Each playslip contains 10 boards (A-J). In each board played:

Select five numbers from 1 through 36 or imprint the Quick Pick box to have the PC pick any or the entirety of your numbers indiscriminately.

For an opportunity to win money quickly, select the EZmatch™ enclose a board for a $1 more for each play. Or on the other hand you can stamp the EZmatch box on the upper left half of the playslip to add EZmatch to all boards played. Dream 5 tickets with EZmatch can't be dropped.

To play similar numbers for more than one draw, just tell the retailer what number of advance attracts you wish to play or select the quantity of attracts the Advance Play area of your playslip.

Give your finished playslip and installment to the retailer. You will get a ticket printed with your numbers, draw date(s) and the absolute expense of the ticket. For each board with EZmatch chose, you will get a different ticket with your FANTASY 5 and EZmatch numbers. If it's not too much trouble check your ticket(s) before you leave the store. You are liable for the exactness of your ticket(s).

Check the official attracting results to check whether you're a victor! Draw results are accessible on this site, at approved Florida Lottery retailers and by calling them. You may likewise watch the drawings on the web.

Drawings are held seven days out of each week at around 11:15 p.m. ET. Tickets can be bought until 10:40 p.m. ET the evening of the draw. Tickets bought after 10:40 p.m. will be for the following draw.

In the event that you guarantee a prize on a triumphant Advance Play ticket before the entirety of the draws on the ticket have happened, you will be given a continuation ticket with a similar play number.

It would be ideal if you recall: All prizes must be asserted inside 180 days of the appropriate draw date.

Step by step guide on how to play the Fantasy 5 Florida

How to play the Fantasy 5 Florida from South Africa
Prize options
Yearly Payments:
FLORIDA LOTTO, MEGA MILLIONS and POWERBALL big stake prizes might be paid in 30 yearly portions, and JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY big stake prizes might be paid in 25 yearly portions. CASH4LIFE Grand Prize and second prize might be paid for the common existence of the victor. Certain Scratch-Off games that offer a yearly installment alternative might be paid in yearly portions as per the standard for that game.
Money Option:
FLORIDA LOTTO, MEGA MILLIONS, POWERBALL, JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY, CASH4LIFE and certain Scratch-Off games likewise offer a Cash Option strategy for installment – a one-time, single amount installment that bonanza victors may decide to get as opposed to getting their rewards in yearly installments. Installment might be made with a money order or by ACH move to a bank or investment fund in the champ’s name; be that as it may, the Lottery emphatically prescribes the ACH move strategy for installment. A champ choosing the ACH move strategy for installment must give the Lottery a voided check or ACH move guidelines to a monetary establishment. FLORIDA LOTTO, MEGA MILLIONS, POWERBALL, JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY and CASH4LIFE victors who wish to choose the Cash Option strategy for installment must guarantee their prizes and make their installment political decision inside 60 days after the triumphant draw date. On the off chance that the champ doesn’t choose the Cash Option inside 60 days after the triumphant draw date, the prize will be paid in yearly installments.
Free Quick Pick Tickets:
FLORIDA LOTTO with XTRA players who coordinate 2-of-6 winning numbers will win a free FLORIDA LOTTO Quick Pick ticket for the following accessible drawing. Big stake TRIPLE PLAY with Combo players with 4 winning number matches will win a free JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY with Combo Quick Pick ticket for the following accessible drawing., FANTASY 5™ players who coordinate 2-of-5 winning numbers will win a free FANTASY 5 Quick Pick ticket for the following accessible drawing. Players may guarantee their free Quick Pick tickets at any Florida Lottery retailer. When a free Quick Pick ticket has printed, it can’t be dropped. Out-of-state players who mail in FLORIDA LOTTO with XTRA tickets that coordinate 2-of-6 winning numbers, JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY with Combo tickets with 4 winning number matches, or FANTASY 5 tickets that coordinate 2-of-5 winning numbers will get a check for the estimation of the free Quick Pick ticket(s), in lieu of the free Quick Pick ticket(s) due to U.S. Postal guidelines, which deny the mailing of Lottery tickets across state lines.
Government Withholding Taxes:
Rewards and any duties retained are accounted for as per the Internal Revenue Code and Code of Federal Regulations on all Florida Lottery rewards with an estimation of $600 or more. In the event that a Florida Lottery prizewinner is a U.S. resident or occupant outsider, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires the Florida Lottery to retain 24 percent government denying duty of prizes more prominent than $5,000. For non-inhabitant outsiders, the Florida Lottery is required to retain 30 percent government denying expense of every single prize sum. For data on Lottery prizes and your Federal duty commitments visit:
Fantasy 5 Florida Rules
By buying a bet over the site, you acknowledge and consent to be legitimately bound by the entirety of the accompanying terms. You additionally acknowledge and concur that your buy is dependent upon all: state and government laws, Florida Lottery rules, guidelines, orders, strategies, and terms, and ensuing changes thereto. On the off chance that you don’t acknowledge and consent to be bound by the prior, you ought not buy a bet through the site.
We may change these terms whenever and without notice. All progressions produce quick results and will be posted. Your proceeded with buys after changes are posted establishes your acknowledgment of those changes. For your benefit, the powerful date of these terms is posted at the highest point of this page. It is your obligation to audit these terms occasionally for changes. In case of any error or irregularity between these guidelines and authority game principles on record at the Fantasy 5 Florida Lottery, the official game standards win.
Extra Terms and Rules
Extra terms and conditions may apply to your buy, explicitly including, however not constrained to, the Terms and Conditions for Online Purchases and the Terms of Use for this site. Extra guidelines may apply to each game, explicitly including, yet not constrained to, singular game orders and methodology. It is your obligation to survey some other relevant terms, conditions, rules, and systems.
Buy Requirements
To buy a bet through the site, you should be at any rate eighteen years old, be a Fantasy 5 occupant, be truly situated in Florida at the hour of procurement, have an appropriately enlisted account, utilize your own record to make the buy, and be in consistence with some other material terms, uniquely including, yet not restricted to, the Terms and Conditions for Online Purchases. Any buy made disregarding these necessities might be regarded invalid and we may decline to grant a prize or recover a prize previously granted.
Officials and representatives of the Fantasy 5 Florida Lottery, just as any life partner, youngster, sibling, sister, or parent dwelling as an individual from a similar family unit, are ineligible. An individual or association or worker of an association under agreement with the State Lottery isn’t qualified to win any prize in any lottery if the individual, association, or representative approaches certain data not open to the overall population.
Bet Selection
All buys are conclusive. It is your duty to check your bet is right before buy. On the off chance that you become disengaged from the site during buy, it is your obligation to confirm whether your bet was effectively bought by assessing your record history.
Bet Limitations
We may constrain or deny betting on a specific number or mix of numbers whenever without notice.
Prize Structures
Accessible prizes and chances for each game are posted on the site and can be mentioned from the Fantasy 5 Florida Lottery Support Center. Changes to prize structures might be made whenever without notice. On the off chance that the prize structure for a game is changed, your un-played tickets stay legitimate under the new prize structure, or you may demand a discount before the drawing happens.
Drawing dates, times, and results are posted on the site and can be mentioned from the Michigan Lottery Support Center. Drawings will be led at endorsed areas utilizing affirmed drawing hardware and systems. Drawing dates, times, areas, gear, and strategies might be changed or dropped whenever without notice. Drawings are available to people in general by earlier course of action.
Money Payment Option
For qualified prizes, you may have the choice to choose between yearly installments or a one-time money installment at a limited rate. On the off chance that your prize qualifies, formal notification of the money installment choice will be given at the time you document a case. To choose the money installment alternative, you should finish the installment political race structure inside sixty days of your case. On the off chance that the political race isn’t made inside sixty days of the conventional notification, the prize will be paid in yearly portions. The money installment alternative once chose is irreversible, might be practiced by the record holder just, and is just took into consideration the whole prize sum.
Void Wagers
A bet is void whenever changed; fake; inadequate; unregistered; created in mistake; inappropriately submitted; infringing upon any State or Federal law; disregarding any Bureau rule, mandate, or condition; disregarding any appropriate terms and conditions; or bombs any Bureau security or approval test. Obligation for void bets, assuming any, is constrained to supplanting with an un-played bet of equivalent worth or discount of the bet’s retail cost.
The main adequate proof of a buy, bet, or result, is information contained in the Bureau’s records that finish all Bureau security assessments. Printouts, photos, screen captures, and different pictures are not, and won’t, be acknowledged as proof of a buy, bet, or result. In instances of contest in any way, shape or form, the Commissioner may at their sole circumspection, supplant the contested bet with an un-played bet of equivalent worth or discount the retail cost of the bet. The Commissioner’s choice to supplant or discount a bet is the buyer’s selective cure. All choices made by the Commissioner are conclusive and authoritative on each individual making a case.
How to win
The Florida Lottery will hold official FANTASY 5 drawings in which five out of 36 numbers will be drawn aimlessly. On the off chance that your five numbers coordinate the five winning numbers attracted the official drawing for the date played, you win the FANTASY 5 top prize. Match two, three or four of the triumphant numbers to win other money prizes or a free Quick Pick ticket. Dream 5 is a pari-mutuel game. Real prize sums rely upon deals and the quantity of victors in each prize classification. All FANTASY 5 money prizes are paid in a solitary money installment. On the off chance that there is no top prize victor, the cash in the top prize pool moves down, and is shared similarly among champs in the 4-of-5 prize level, with a most extreme prize of $555 per champ. On the off chance that the accessible move down surpasses the $555 per victor most extreme in the 4-of-5 prize level, the abundance assets in the prize pool move down and are shared similarly among the champs in the 3-of-5 prize level. At the point when a ticket with 2-of-5 winning numbers is reclaimed, the gaming terminal will naturally print a free Quick Pick ticket for the following accessible drawing.

High-low lotto number tips

Winning numbers are typically spread over the whole number field. On the off chance that we take a number field and cut it down the middle, we have the low half and the high half. In a 36 number game like Fantasy 5 Florida, numbers 1 to 18 would be in the low half, and numbers 19 to 36 would be in the high half. Every single high number or every low number are once in a while drawn, happening just 2 percent of the time. The best blend is to have 3/2 or 2/3 which implies three high and two low, or two high and three low. One of these two examples will happen in 69 percent of the drawings.

You can play FANTASY 5 alone or add EZmatch for an opportunity to win moment prizes. Match any of your EZmatch numbers with any of your FANTASY 5 numbers, and win the sum indicated in a flash. You can win EZmatch up to multiple times on each ticket.

At the point when you select EZmatch, five EZmatch numbers and moment prize sums will print beneath the FANTASY 5 numbers on your ticket. Match any EZmatch number with any FANTASY 5 number on your ticket, and win the prize sum demonstrated right away. You can win up to multiple times on a solitary FANTASY 5 with EZmatch ticket.

The overall the odds of winning a prize is 1 in 4,71.

Odds of Winning and Prize Payouts

Odds of winning
1 in 84,000
1 in 84,000
1 in 11,052.63
1 in 3,387.1
1 in 1,400
1 in 893.62
1 in 100
1 in 300
1 in 60
1 in 13.64
1 in 9.38

Only a solitary ticket coordinated all the numbers in the Florida Lottery’s Fantasy 5 drawing Sunday night and it was bought in Broward County.

The big stake winning ticket, worth $171,366.45, was sold at the Publix store at 18409 Miramar Parkway in Miramar, Florida Lottery authorities said.

The Fantasy 5 numbers drawn Sunday were 1, 15, 16, 23 and 24.

Alongside the fabulous prize, 212 tickets for Sunday’s drawing coordinated four of the five numbers and are every value $130; in excess of 7,000 tickets coordinated three numbers and win $10.50; and in excess of 73,000 tickets coordinated two numbers and win a free ticket for a future drawing.

Fantasy 5 Florida Number Generator

The Florida Lottery started procedure on January 12, 1988 by request of an established alteration endorsed by Florida voters by a 2-to-1 edge in the general appointment of November 4, 1986. The purpose of the Lottery is to give additional financing to Florida instruction, and it was ordered that a critical extent of all income produced by ticket deals go to the Education Enhancement Trust Fund. The Bright Futures grant program is supported by the Florida Lottery. The base age to buy a Florida Lottery ticket, paying little mind to game, is 18.

Odds of winning

The odds of winning a prize at the Fantasy 5 Florida lottery is only 1 in 7,58
Prize level
Odds of winning
Est prize
Roll down prize est.

1 in 376,992
1 in 2,432,21
$555 is the maximum
1 in 81,07
1 in 8,39
Free Ticket
Free Ticket

Top 4 hot numbers


Top 4 cold numbers

How to buy
Lottery scams

You will get notice that you have won a great deal of cash or a fabulous prize in an opposition, lottery or sweepstake that you don’t recollect entering. The contact may stop via mail, phone, email, instant message or online networking.

To guarantee your prize, you will be approached to pay a charge. Con artists will regularly say these expenses are for protection costs, government charges, bank charges or messenger charges. The con artists bring in cash by consistently gathering these expenses from you and slowing down the installment of your rewards.

On the other hand the con artist will gather a top notch rate on the telephone number you are approached to dial (normally beginning with 190). They will attempt to save you on the line for quite a while so as to clock up a strong charge, and may even request that you call a subsequent premium rate number.

The email, letter or instant message you get will request that you react rapidly or chance passing up a major opportunity. It might likewise encourage you to keep your rewards private or secret, to ‘look after security’ or prevent others from getting your prize unintentionally. Tricksters do this to keep you from looking for additional data or guidance from free sources.

Lottery tricks may utilize the names of real abroad lotteries, so that in the event that you do some shallow research, the trick will appear to be genuine. A few instances of the genuine Spanish lotteries that the con artists erroneously use are Loteria Primitiva and El Gordo.


The draw takes place Daily at 11:15 pm ET

Yes you can play the Fantasy 5 Florida lotto online at Betway

You will only have 180 days from the draw date to claim your prize money.

The overall odds of winning are 1 in 7.58.

The safest way to claim your prize is to follow the instructions on the official website of the lottery.

14 is the luckiest number and most drawn in the Fantasy 5 Florida

20 is the least luckiest number in the Fantasy 5 Florida

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Florida Lottery games are intended to be an enjoyment, minimal effort type of diversion with the additional advantage of helping reserve training. While the majority of the players appreciate the enjoyment and amusement of playing the game, don’t let gambling be a problem. This is overall a great lottery with great prizes and great odds and worth a try for all players.
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