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What is El Gordo lotto

In case you’re wondering why there is long lines on the roads around Spain ahead of the pack up to Christmas, at that point wonder no more. Welcome to Spain’s one of a kind ‘El Gordo’ (the Fat one) lottery, the most extravagant on the planet.

Consistently at Christmas, Spaniards go lottery distraught, lining for quite a long time to purchase tickets for the popular Christmas lottery and this year it is greater than any time in recent memory.

The 2019 prize cash added up to €2.38 billion, with the top prize of €680 million known as El Gordo (the Fat One), being shared between each one of those with the triumphant numbers. It turns out as a top prize of €400,000 per decimo (more on that later).

The second prize per decimo is €125,000 and the third is €50,000.

At that point there are two fourth prizes (€20,000 per decimo), eight fifth prizes (€6,000 per decimo) and 1,794 prizes of €100 per decimo.

In all there will be 170 million decimos available to be purchased altogether.

With the chances of succeeding at least something put at one of every six, no big surprise the Christmas lottery has an entire country held. As indicated by the most recent details, some 75.9 percent of the 34 million Spanish residents between the age of 18 and 75 play the Spanish Christmas lottery.

A year ago, €2.9 billion was spent on broadly on tickets, as per Anapal, the association of lottery sellers.

By and large, €60 on Christmas lottery tickets and Soria is the region with the greatest spenders, with every inhabitant averaging €222 in an offer to win.

The individuals who spend least are in the enclave of Melilla (€13.14). In Madrid individuals spend on normal €73.02 on tickets.

El Gordo information
SpainSaturday at 9am CET22 December

Prize pool Categories

Main Draw

First prize
2nd prize
3rd prize
4th prize
5th prize
La Pedrea
0032 numbers just one unit above and below the First Prize€20,000
2 numbers just one unit above and below the Second Prize€12,500
2 numbers just one unit above and below the Third Prize€9,600

99 numbers with the same first three digits of the First Prize€1,000
99 numbers with the same first three digits of the Second Prize€1,000
99 numbers with the same first three digits of the Third Prize€1,000
99 numbers with the same first three digits of each of the Fourth Prizes€1,000
999 numbers with the same two last digits as the First Prize€1,000
999 numbers with the same two last digits as the Second Prize€1,000
999 numbers with the same two last digits as the Third Prize€1,000
9,999 numbers with the same last digit as the First Prize (refund)€200
How to play El Gordo

Since such huge numbers of individuals in Spain partake in El Gordo, the ticketing framework is muddled.

Not at all like in the UK, for instance, you don’t go into a newsagent and shade in the numbers you need on your lottery card. Rather, lottery shops have certain numbers accessible.

This is the reason the huge victors of the Christmas Lottery are as a rule from a similar territory: numerous individuals have purchased tickets from a similar shop which holds all the triumphant tickets.

This relegating of numbers to specific shops implies in the event that you need to ‘play’ a specific number, you may need to travel a significant way — or purchase your tickets on the web.

It’s additionally conceivable to find where to purchase your favored number utilizing on the web search devices like this one from El Mundo.

Since such huge numbers of individuals in Spain partake in El Gordo, the ticketing framework is muddled.

This is the reason the huge victors of the Christmas Lottery are as a rule from a similar territory: numerous individuals have purchased tickets from a similar shop which holds all the triumphant tickets.

This relegating of numbers to specific shops implies in the event that you need to ‘play’ a specific number, you may need to travel a significant way — or purchase your tickets on the web.

It’s additionally conceivable to find where to purchase your favored number utilizing on the web search devices like this one from El Mundo.

As far as prizes, in light of the fact that such a significant number of individuals participate, numbers are rehashed up to multiple times. That implies in the event that you do win El Gordo, you will be imparting your prize to in any event 164 others. This clarifies why the top individual prize in the greatest lottery on the planet comes in at a ‘negligible’ €4 million.

One ticket (billete) costs an incredible €200, however numerous individuals decide to purchase a tenth of a ticket (un décimo) for €20. Much littler bits of tickets are sold: it is regular for organizations to purchase a ticket at that point sell little bits, or ‘participaciones’, of that pass to their benefactors for €1.

Step by step guide on how to play El Gordo

How to play the El Gordo from South Africa
You can play El Gordo from South Africa, as revealed by the Spanish Gaming Regulation (Law 13/2011) a traveler ca play Spanish Lottery and case a major prize. In Spain there is no residency condition for purchasing and winning the Spanish Lottery (El Gordo, La Primitiva, Bonoloto and Loteria Nacional).

Spain has an amazing history with regards to large lotteries. Lord Charles III previously stepped up to the plate of sorting out a real imperial lottery in 1763. A few decades later, in 1812, the primary authority national lottery followed. Under 200 years after the fact, the opportunity had arrived to add another lottery to the Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (or, the Spanish state lotteries). Also, this was El Gordo de la Primitiva.

The primary draw occurred in 1993. In its initial days, the quantity of draws was still exceptionally restricted. As it seemed to be, players just had a taken shots at winning the extraordinary big stake of El Gordo on the last Sunday of the month. However partaking in lotteries is a piece of the Spanish national personality. Subsequently, it didn’t take some time before the quantity of draws was broadened. Since the fall of 1997, the association turns on its lotto machine each Sunday.

For the Spanish El Gordo, the big stake will begin at a fixed measure of 5 million euros. Have you not won the big stake? At that point you clearly trust that different players won’t have the triumphant combo on their ticket either. After each draw, the bonanza will increment. All things considered, in 2011, a champ previously took off with a record measure of 33 million euros. Your chances of doing likewise are around 32 million to 1. In this manner, you must be extremely fortunate to wind up being the great victor. Be that as it may, attributable to the 9 distinctive prize classes, you despite everything have a quite decent taken shots at winning one of the other money prizes.

What happens that day of the draw

Each 22nd December the avenues of Spain are quiet as everybody clusters round their TVs to watch the El Gordo lottery draw, an undertaking which can assume control more than three hours.

The balls are attracted an interesting way befitting the extraordinary lottery convention, while the numbers are sung by the understudies of Madrid’s San Ildefonso school.

The school was initially a home for vagrants and the custom of the victors of El Gordo giving a segment of their rewards to San Ildefonso dates from this time.

The balls were initially just drawn by young men, with the primary young lady partaking in the huge attract singalong 1984. Crowd individuals at the live draw, just as watchers watching from home, are known to spruce up in lottery-themed garments and caps.

On the stage itself are two round vessels, one containing balls decorated with the numbers found on the lottery tickets and the other including the related prizes in euros.

“Ball number 20.456 gets €20,000!” they may sing. This goes on, the pressure ascending until, sooner or later in the live communicate, the €4-million ball is drawn making the numbered ball drawn close by it El Gordo.

The inclusion of the draw has broadly attacked as “the most exhausting Christmas appear on TV”.

Engravings on the wooden balls are these days made with a laser, to maintain a strategic distance from any distinction in weight between them. They gauge 3 g and have a distance across of 18.8 mm. Before being tossed into the vessels, the numbers are appeared to people in general for anybody to watch that the balls with their numbers are not missing.

As the drawing goes on, a solitary ball is removed from every one of the rotating circles simultaneously. One youngster sings the triumphant number, the other kid sings the relating prize. This is rehashed until the littler enclosure (the prize-balls) has been discharged. Because of the sheer number of prizes, this strategy takes numerous hours. The kids work in around eight to nine movements, equivalent to the quantity of edges of numbers to be drawn.

The balls have openings on them so they can be put onto long wires, which are put away in outlines for later introduction. At the point when a significant prize is drawn, the two youngsters stop, sing the prize and ticket number on various occasions and demonstrate the balls to a panel, and afterward to a fixed camera with two Phillips screwdriver heads mounted at the front, all before being embedded into a casing as the others. Despite the fact that the drawing is by some coincidence, the kids who draw the higher prizes are cheered. Aside from the prizes drawn from the vessel, a few prizes are determined from the triumphant numbers (see the table with prizes above). When the excellent prize (El Gordo) is announced, this number is immediately communicated on TV, on the web and on open screens.

The two-vessels framework was the generally framework utilized by Lotería Nacional in its draws, yet these days it is just utilized in the Christmas exceptional draw. Since 1965 the remainder of the customary and uncommon Lotería Nacional draws utilize five circular enclosures with ten balls each numbered 0 to 9, from where the five digits of the triumphant numbers are drawn.

The littlest prize is the reintegro, tickets that end with a specific digit recover the cash. That implies 10% of all tickets recover the cash. There is a 5.3% possibility of winning higher prizes meaning over 10% of all tickets win some prize which is a fundamentally higher winning rate than most different lotteries. The prize structure makes it simpler to win some cash contrasted with different lotteries, and it is basic saying that the prizes of the Christmas Lottery are very much disseminated all around Spain. Odds of winning El Gordo are 1 of every 100,000, that comes out as a percentage of 0.001%, while odds of winning the top prize of EuroMillions are 1 out of 139,838,160 and in percentage 0.00000072%. Making the odds of the El Gordo much better.

Non-victors are known to guarantee “it’s wellbeing that truly matters” in the wake of losing. The individuals who recover their cash frequently re-put it in a ticket for Sorteo Extraordinario de El Niño, the second most significant Lotería Nacional’s draw, held each January 6, the Epiphany of Jesus day.

The El Gordo Christmas lottery winners

In 2011 the minor Spanish town of Sodeto broadly won El Gordo, with everything except one of its 250 occupants having purchased a lottery ticket. The unfortunate failure was a Greek inhabitant who lived on the edge of town and neglected to purchase a ticket since he didn’t understand exactly how enormous the Christmas lottery was.

The victors each asserted a portion of €120 million, with individuals gathering entireties running from €100,000 to €1 million each.

This was the first run through in El Gordo’s multi year history that one whole town had won the prize, however it isn’t exceptional for some individuals in a similar area to all succeed simultaneously, given lottery shops are regularly allocated the full supplement of a given number.

This ought to be an exercise to all of us. Nobody needs to be the main inside a network who passed up the success!


Crisis-hit Spain taxed the lottery for the first time in 2013, with the Spanish government hitting the headlines for the 20 percent tax imposed on prizes over €2,500 in the much-loved lottery.

This year that limit has been raised to €20,000 tax free on each winning ticket, meaning the winner of a top prize decimo will get the first €20,000 of the €400,000 tax free and pay 20 percent tax on the rest – a take home of €324,000.

El Gordo Statistics

Hot Numbers


Cold Numbers


Top 4 most common pairs

19 and 20
23 and 24
7 and 8
44 and 45

On Tuesday the 3rd of December in 2019 the winning numbers were 31, 32, 18, 38 and 48 and the two lucky star numbers were 4 and 12. After 3 rollovers someone finally matched all the numbers and won the jackpot. The winning ticket has been sold in the UK and after 2 weeks there were still no feedback from the winner. An announcement was made to encourage players to submit an appeal within 30 days if they lost their ticket. This appeal passed in early January so this means the only way the money can be claimed is if somebody steps forward with the winning ticket. It is certainly uncommon for a big winner to wait 2 weeks to contact the National lottery. Since he has not made any contact the assumption was made that his ticket was discarded and he doesn’t even know that he is a lucky winner of a life changing amount.

The winner has until the 31st of May to come forward otherwise the normal claims procedure will be followed. There will be follow ups done and any claimant that can give details about the exact location and time and the date when the winning ticket was purchased matching the official record will be able to claim. If no claims were made, then the total of £40,957,696.60 will be held in a trust fund and will be given to the good cause fund.

ticket number 26590 got lucky in Spain on Sunday and won top prize in the nation’s Christmas lottery.

The triumphant number, worth €400,000 (£341,000) tumbled out of gigantic rearranging receptacles in a live broadcast occasion on Sunday morning.

The champs won €20,000 for every euro spent on a €20 ticket.

The lottery, known as El Gordo or “the fat one”, gave out €2.24bn in prizes this year. There are numerous littler prizes notwithstanding the top prize.

Different lotteries have greater individual top prizes however El Gordo, held every year on 22 December, is the world’s most extravagant as far as the all-out prize cash included.

Youngsters from Madrid’s San Ildefonso school gotten out the prizes on a broadly broadcast draw at Madrid’s show house.

Families, companions and associates purchase tickets together as a major aspect of a winter occasion custom. They at that point assemble around their TVs, radios or cell phones, trusting that fortune sparkles on them.

The lottery is controlled by the state and supports various cause

El Gordo Christmas lottery VS El Gordo Sunday Lottery

The Spaniards are known for their affectionate family ties. Particularly in the littler towns, whole families can be spotted feasting together into the late night. Furthermore, it is certainly not simply the nourishment that Spaniards love to share. They likewise appreciate sharing their expectations for an (actually) more extravagant existence with the individuals around them. In this way, around Christmas time, numerous Spaniards will collaborate with their neighbors or family to buy tickets for El Gordo. Everybody participates utilizing a similar ticket number, making the energy that a lot more prominent on the off chance that it happens to win the lottery. Also, the bonanza is truly supplied. In any event, when parting the prize, every champ may very well pick up tons and huge amounts of euros.

This famous Christmas lottery is likely the primary thing that strikes a chord when hearing the name El Gordo. Despite the fact that you should not mistake this lottery for the Sunday lottery El Gordo. There are various significant contrasts, of which the prize cash is in all likelihood the first to draw your consideration. Since in spite of the fact that the Sunday lottery gives out some not too bad money prizes.

The Christmas lottery El Gordo is sorted out once every year, while the Sunday lottery happens each week.

For the Sunday lottery, you can choose for yourself what numbers you need to play with, so that there are (genuinely) extraordinary lottery ticket numbers. The Christmas lottery, then again, circulates anyplace somewhere in the range of 160 and 200 duplicates of very much the same lottery ticket number each year. Subsequently, you generally need to impart the huge prize to an enormous gathering of individuals.

Both lotteries work utilizing a lottery machine and balls. However the games are incomprehensibly unique. For example, you need to choose your own numbers for the Sunday lottery, while the Christmas lottery works with a fixed lottery ticket number that comprises of 5 numbers. The Christmas lottery is much more seasoned than El Gordo de la Primitiva. For correlation: with its first draw on December 18, 1812, this is the most seasoned lottery played in Spain.

El Gordo Number Generator

Odds of winning

In 2012, the €400,000 El Gordo was paid to each arrangement of number 76058. Each arrangement of numbers 76057 and 76059 got the comparing €20,000 estimation prizes. Also, every arrangement of numbers somewhere in the range of 76000 and 76099 (barring El Gordo yet including approximations) acquired the €1,000 prize for the numbers with a similar initial three digits of El Gordo. Each arrangement of numbers finishing in “58” (barring El Gordo) got €1,000, and each arrangement of numbers finishing in “8” (barring El Gordo) got a discount of €200.

The specific amount of tickets and arrangement, and their costs, perhaps extraordinary every year. For instance, in 2004, there were 66,000 distinct numbers in 195 arrangement. In 2005, there were 85,000 numbers in 170 arrangement, while in 2006 the quantity of arrangement was expanded to 180. Since 2011 there are 100,000 unique numbers in 180 arrangement. Dissemination of prizes can change likewise, as in 2002 with the presentation of the Euro, or in 2011, when El Gordo expanded from €3,000,000 to €4,000,000, the Second Prize expanded from €1,000,000 to €1,250,000, the Fifth Prizes expanded from €50,000 to €60,000, and 20 more pedreas of €1,000 were added. In 2013 the quantity of arrangement has been decreased from 180 to 160 to acclimate to the normal demand.

How to buy tickets

You can buy a ticket in a lottery shop however they are likewise accessible at neighborhood bars, eateries and through syndicates at work places, social clubs and so forth. You can likewise buy them on the web.

Once in a while it implies dishing out for a few to make sure you are not kept separate from the gathering if there should be an occurrence of a success!

Tickets are marked down in the shops until 10pm on December 21st or online until 11.45pm

Lottery scams

The Christmas lottery is additionally not safe or immune to scams. Madrid’s city chamber cautions individuals to purchase their tickets just from approved merchants, and not to accept messages disclosing to them they had won prizes.

To wrap things up, the board cautions individuals to guard their ticket as losing them makes asserting prizes troublesome without a doubt.

Furthermore, there is loads of exhortation on the most proficient method to guarantee that there’s is no contention between companions sharing a triumphant ticket. Best thought is to snap a picture of the number, share it on social media or with friends and one another and the terms composed underneath, that route there can be no contention later.


The draw takes place on the 22nd of December and 9am CET

Yes you can play the El Gordo lotto online at Betway

A standard Euro Million ticket costs €2.50 per line

The jackpot starts at €4,000,000

The safest way to claim your prize is to follow the instructions on the official website of the lottery.

53 is the luckiest number and most drawn in the French loto

19 is the least luckiest number in the Euro Millions

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The EL Gordo is a wonderful event and one you have to take part in and experience. Once the end year rolls around just before Christmas most Spaniards will line up huge bunches to purchase tickets for the biggest lottery of the country. This is always an unforgettable event and one you have to partake.
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