Dupla Sena
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dupla sena

Brazil Lotto

Latest Numbers and Results

R130,000,000 JACKPOT

499,231 Winners

How to play the dupla sena

Playing the Dupla Sena and picking possible winning numbers are easy and straight-forward. Simply buy a ticket from a Local Retailer to stand a chance to win big cash prizes.  

Can you play online? Yes!

Check winning numbers

Estimated jackpot amounts

See draw results

Payout amounts

And more!

Easily check today’s Dupla Sena winning numbers, handy and useful tips.

What is the dupla sena?

The Dupla Sena offers players unique double-draw format. Players can participate in 2 separate draws for the price of one – all at favorable odds.

Uncapped rollovers

Easy-to-grasp core mechanics

The Dupla Sena Jackpot starts at R$300,000 and will roll over with every draw until it’s won, and has no maximum cap. The Dupla Sena has 2 back-to-back drawings every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evening at 8:00 PM Brasilia Time.

How to play the Dupla sena?

To play, players must simply pick 6 numbers in a range from 1 to 50. If a player’s selection matches all 6 balls drawn, they will win the grand prize.

Players can also win in three other ways by matching five, four, or three numbers.

The Dupla Sena enters their players’ numbers into two draws that are held back-to-back on a single day, tri-weekly basis meaning that there is a total of 6 draws each week. In other words, three tickets a week are 6 draws.  The Dupla Sena Jackpot, starts at R$300,000 and rolls over if not won. Rollovers are uncapped.

what happens if you win?

Players can choose between two payout schemes: annuity or lump sum. The uninitiated, annuity simply means players will be get their winnings in yearly installments. The lump sum option, means that players will get their winnings immediately in full.

Not all Dupla Sena winnings are subjected to taxes, it all depends on the amount.

Winnings up to R$1,868 or less are exempted from tax deductions.  Winnings beyond R$1,868beyond is subjected to a 27% tax. On the other hand, there is also a 13.8% federal tax deduction applicable to both categories.

Winners have up to 90 days from the draw to claim their winnings.  Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited and used for funding good causes.

dupla sena Prizes

The Dupla Sena Jackpot starts at
R$300,000 and will roll over with every draw until it’s won, and has no maximum

DivisionsMatchPayout per Winner
1 Prize6 (Draw 1)R$0.00
2 Prize5 (Draw 1)R$4,601.12
3 Prize4 (Draw 1)R$116.11
4 Prize3 (Draw 1)R$2.70
5 Prize6 (Draw 2)R$0.00
6 Prize5 (Draw 2)R$3,623.38
7 Prize4 (Draw 2)R$81.61
8 Prize3 (Draw 2)R$2.27

The Dupla Sena features 8 prize divisions and to win any prize in Dupla Sena, players have to match 3 numbers. Chances to hit the Dupla Sena jackpot are 1: 15,890,700. 

major wins with dupla sena lottery

One memorable Jackpot payout with the Dupla Sena is R$11 million, claimed in 2010.

dupla sena prize breakdown

There are two separate prize breakdowns because there are two separate draws. The prizes in each category are “pari mutuel”, meaning that winners in each prize tier share a
percentage of the prize fund. The prize fund is made up of 45% of the total
ticket sales.

Numbers MatchedPercentage of Prize FundAverage Prize
6 Numbers30%Dupla Sena Jackpot
5 Numbers15%€1312.41
4 Numbers10%€20.09

Numbers MatchedPercentage of Prize FundAverage Prize
6 Numbers20%Dupla Sena Jackpot
5 Numbers15%€1210.46
4 Numbers10%€18.81


How to claim your lotto cash prize

Winners have 90 days to claim their prizes with winnings below R$800 available to claim at a lottery house. Prizes above R$800 must be claimed at the Caixa Econômica Federal bank. If the 90-day period expires, prize money is transferred to the national treasury and invested in educational programs.

History of the Atlantic 49

In 2001, the Dupla Sena was launched, designed to hold double draws from the start, as evidenced by the name (Dupla means “double”). Back-to-back draws and favorable odds make it one of the most popular lotteries in Brazil.

Quick Dupla Sena Facts

Double Draws: Dupla means “double” and the Sena features double draws, played three times a week. For each week, there are a total of 6 draws.

Rollover Lottery: Jackpots rollover.

Four Ways to Win: Dupla Sena offers a total of four prize tiers.

Comparison table for dupla sena

Biggest Dupla Sena Winners

R$25,451,710.461July 14, 2015
R$23,794,934.073April 15, 2017
R$18,319,918.362September 11, 2015
R$13,768,755.841April 4, 2006
R$12,317,078.651February 17, 2012
R$12.279.275,51July 23, 2013
R$11,626,617.031August 20, 2010
R$11,443,167.801April 2, 2003
R$11,100,552.51March 8, 2016
R$9,977,736.421August 1, 2008

There are two separate prize breakdowns because there are two separate draws. The prizes in each category are “pari mutuel”, meaning that winners in each prize tier share a percentage of the prize fund. The prize fund is made up of 45% of the total ticket sales.

Numbers MatchedPercentage of Prize FundAverage Prize
6 Numbers30%Dupla Sena Jackpot
5 Numbers15%€1312.41
4 Numbers10%€20.09

Numbers MatchedPercentage of Prize FundAverage Prize
6 Numbers20%Dupla Sena Jackpot
5 Numbers15%€1210.46
4 Numbers10%€18.81

Odds of winning Dupla Sena

The odds for matching all six numbers is 1 in 15,890,700

Numbers MatchedOdds of Winning
61 in 15,890,700
51 in 60,192
41 in 1,120
31 in 60

The table below compares the odds offered by the rest of the Brazilian lotteries.

LotteryMatchJackpot Odds
Mega Sena6/601:50,063,856
Dia De Sorte7/31 + PB 1/121:31,554,900
Dupla Sena6/501:15,890,700
tips for playing dupla sena

#Strategie1: Identifying Hot numbers, Cold numbers, Overdue Numbers

To use the hot, cold, overdue strategy, analyze the results of your chosen lottery – see which numbers have been drawn recently and which haven’t, at least 50 drawings is needed to get a decent sample size.

Hot numbers: Picked most frequently

Cold numbers: drawn less frequently overall.

Overdue numbers: are ones that have not shown up in recent weeks.

Some players claim that creating a set of winning numbers by mixing hot, cold, and overdue numbers gives players an edge.

Hot NumbersCold Numbers

#Strategie2: Pick Traditional Lucky Numbers

According to a poll run by mathematician Alex Bellos, seven is not surprisingly the most popular lucky number in the world.

Seven days of the week, seven wonders of the world, seven continents, seven seas, and the list goes on.


Other traditional lucky numbers include three (as in “good things come in threes”) and four.

#Strategie3: Pick Traditional Lucky Numbers

Pick numbers that have a personal meaning to you. For example, birthdays, a wedding anniversary, or the birthdays of kids and/or grandkids.


Apart from dates consider the number of kids you have or the house number of your childhood home – whatever feels lucky to you.

#Strategie4: Use Numerology to Pick Lucky Numbers

There are a lot of different ways to use numerology to find lucky numbers. One is to create a table with the numbers 1 – 9 at the top and one letter in each column below. A = 1, B = 2, and so on. After the ninth letter, I, you’d wrap around again so that J = 1, K = 2, and so on.

You can then plug in the letters of your name to get one digit for each letter. Add those digits together to end up with a lucky number.

#Strategie5: Lucky Number Generators

The simplest way to find lucky numbers to play is simply to use a generator. Lucky number generators use numerology, or perhaps simply randomness, to find numbers for you.

Just a note About #LotteryStrategies

Finding and playing lucky numbers is based on fun more than facts.  Mathematically, every number has an equal chance of being chosen as a winner.

Why Dupla Sena is so popular?

Not only does the Dupla Sena offer players “top prize” payouts, but it has multiple ways and chances to win.  As previous results and jackpot payouts will show, the Dupla Sena offers players of any income a chance to win and dream BIG! The Dupla Sena the most pay-outs throughout the prize categories, which makes it a solid choice nationwide and abroad.

Is Dupla Sena a Scam?

Absolutely not! The Dupla Sena was launched in in 2001, an is still going strong over 19 years later.

Unfortunately, fake wins with other institutions have become a regular occurrence – Scammers are getting increasingly sophisticated in their attempts to get your money or personal details. Be alert and protect yourself from being scammed by following our tips.   

A lottery scam is an attempt to fraudulently extract money from someone by pretending to be a legitimate lottery company or winning player. It has sadly become a too common method of deception as such scams prey on people’s desire to win money and the popularity of big lottery games.

Win notices from foreign lotteries are even more suspicious. Not only do foreign lotteries have the same restriction as domestic lotteries, but it is also illegal to sell tickets for foreign lotteries across international borders.

Therefore, unless a player actually was in a foreign country and bought a lottery ticket, foreign lottery notifications are frauds.

Only buy tickets from authorized lottery retailers.

Offers to sell international lottery tickets by mail or online are usually illegal.

If you didn't buy a lottery ticket or participate in a second-chance lottery game, you didn't win no matter how convincing a text message may sound.

The lottery doesn't notify players when you win; players alone are responsible for checking your winning tickets.

Players are NEVER required to pay money up-front to receive a winning lottery prize.

lottery scam is a type of advance-fee fraud which begins with an unexpected email notification, phone call, or mailing (sometimes including a large check) explaining that “You have won!” a large sum of money in a lottery.

What to do:

If you receive a letter or email claiming that you won a prize for the Dupla Sena but did not enter, it is strongly recommended that you:

Delete or destroy the letter or email immediately.

Do not open any link contained in a suspicious email.

Do not respond to, or contact, the sender.

Do not disclose any personal or financial information.

Do not send any money.

If you have already responded, break off contact with the fraudster immediately.

If you have provided personal or financial details, alert your bank immediately.

If you receive a suspicious email, or believe you have been the victim of internet fraud, report it to the police.


If players feel that their computer or device has been hacked or infected with malware or ransomware, run a virus check immediately!

If players suspect one of your online accounts (e.g. your bank account, email, online shopping account or social networking site) has been compromised, change passwords immediately. Most reputable websites provide step-by-step instructions for how players can recover a hacked account.

Clues to look for:

The email is sent from a free webmail address (e.g. @hotmail.com, @yahoo.com, @gmail etc.)

The letter or email starts with something vague like ‘Dear Winner’.

Scam letters are often on poor quality, photocopied letterhead (although some will include a genuine business address in an attempt to provide legitimacy).

Strict time limit to claim the ‘prize’. This is intended to put the potential victim under pressure and deter them from seeking advice or investigating the matter further.

Confidentiality is often demanded as a ‘condition of winning’. Again, this is to deter the recipient from seeking the advice of friends or family who may be more familiar with this type of scam.

Poor spelling, grammar and syntax are usually a good indication that the letter or email is a scam.

Scammers will often try to take advantage when you’re feeling vulnerable and try to extract more money from you through a follow up scam.  A common follow up scams includes:  Offers from a law enforcement agency to investigate your scam and retrieve your money for a fee. Law enforcement agencies do not charge for their services

Joining a lottery “club” will not improve your chances of winning foreign lotteries although Con artists will claim that pooling your money with other people means you can buy more tickets and have more chances to win.

The biggest note to remember – It’s impossible to win a lottery without buying a ticket and never share your banking or personal details with anyone!

The chances of recovering money from foreign crooks may be even worse than that of actually winning a lottery. Most lottery scams are executed by con artists in other countries, sometimes using U.S. addresses to disguise their real locations. Differences in legal systems, difficulties of conducting investigations in other countries, and expenses involved in pursuing cross-border fraud make the chances of getting your money back very, very slim to none.

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Dupla Sena is the second-biggest lottery in Brazil. The game was organized by Caixa Econômica Federal shortly after the remarkable success of Mega Sena and its first draw took place in 2001.  Brazil’s Dupla Sena is one of the most unique lottery games on offers. Any player from across the world can enroll in the Dupla Sena Lottery as long as it is not in violation of any domestic legislation.

Around 33% of ticket sales is used for various government projects.

40% of ticket sales are used for upkeep of the lottery.

Unclaimed prizes go to the Fund for Student Financing of Higher Education.

Brazil’s Ministry of Sports supervises the distribution of ticket sales.

Sao Paulo has the greatest number of winners so far, with a total of 87.

Minas Gerais, is the state with the second the greatest number of winners, with a total of 25

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