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Wednesday, 19 Jan 22111345667587
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Sunday, Jan 23

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What is the African Millions Lotto

The African Millions is drawn twice a week from the ZamLottery.

The African Millions is still to this date one of our most exciting games. You could stand a chance to win up to €60 million on Wednesdays from only a small amount R7,50.

You could even use the booster option to stand a chance of winning €120 million. For an amount of R15 you could stand a chance of winning an amount of €120 million on Sundays. At the same time of placing the bet you as a player is eligible to win the rand equivalent of the jackpot amount. The reason why the African Millions is so popular is because of the jackpots reaching the extreme. Your chances might be slim but after seeing the jackpot you might want to rethink your choices after all lotto is just a guessing game based on complete luck.

With Africa Millions Lotto offering mind blowing payouts each week in more than 6 countries and even a total combination of 50 million people, we can surely say that the takeover of the African continent has finally arrived.

African Millions information

Country Schedule Guess Range
South AfricaWednesdays 21:30
1-90 + 1-90 bonus
Sundays 21:30

Prize pool Categories

African Millions is all about winning the jackpot as it is mind blowing compared to all the other winnings. You can use the boost option and superstar option to increase your personal jackpot size.

Main Draw

Prize tier Prize Odds of winning
6 numbers + super
1 in 56,035,316,700
5 numbers + 1 + super
1 in 9,339,219,450
6 numbers
1 in 629,610,300
5 numbers + super
1 in 112,520,716
5 numbers + 1
1 in 104,935,050
5 numbers
1 in 1,249,227
4 numbers + super
1 in 1,071,626
3 numbers + super
1 in 29,404
4 numbers
1 in 12,041
2 numbers + super
1 in 1,936
3 numbers
1 in 330
1 number + super
1 in 303
2 numbers
R301 in 90
Super number
1 in 120

How to play the African Millions lotto

The African Millions is very popular among the players. You need to place your bets before 20:30 as the draw time is 21:30 on Wednesdays and Sundays.

To play the African Millions is very simple. You will be given a chance to select 6 numbers out of a range of 90 numbers and then after select 1 bonus ball out of a range of 90.

You can also use the quick ick option that will generate random numbers for an entire row of bets or you can use our African Millions number generator.

There is also another feature that African Millions offer called the Max All feature. This option will allow you to select an entire row of bets with a max boost. You can also use the Max All button to re-pick your numbers.

You can play the African Millions lotto by logging into any of the websites where it is available to play on. Playing the African Millions has also been simplified to make it easier for first time players to also enjoy the game and learn how it works. There are various tools available that will also make your experience more enjoyable and easier.

Step by step guide on how to play African Millions


The birth of Africa Millions came from the decision to replicate the success of Euro Millions and implement it in Africa. This decision resulted that the BR Gambling in France went into partnership with the African Assosiation of Sate lotteries (AALE) in 2009.

The operation was rolled out across 6 countries after the agreement was signed namely Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, Senegal, Benin, Burkina Faso and Mali that all have a joint population of over 50 million.

In the table below is listed the biggest lottery payouts in Africa.

Biggest lottery payouts in Africa

Ithuba National Lottery
Draw number

How to win

You can win the African Millions after the correct numbers have been picked. By matching your ticket numbers to the exact 6 winning numbers you will receive the jackpot. The winning numbers will be chosen completely random so every number will have equally the odds of being drawn as the other.

For example, if your 6 numbers are 6,8,2,1,4 and 21 and on the draw date the numbers displayed by African Millions correspond exactly with your chosen numbers you will be guaranteed the payout of the amount you won.

3 Quick tips when playing African Millions

Join a syndicate

Sharing may not always be the first things that comes in mind when playing the lottery but it can really improve your chance

Pick random numbers

You are better off by just picking random numbers since the lottery is drawn completely random and the chances of one number being drawn is just the same as the next one.

Try More Often

If you only try once and lose and never try again that’s definitely the wrong mindset. Trying more often gives you a better chance of winning.

African Millions tools

African Millions offers 3 tools that you can use. Each tool helps make the game easier and more fun to play. In the list below we will discuss all three tools and their functions.

Quick pick all tool

This tool has been created to randomly generate figures for an entire row when you place a bet. As the name implies you will use the tool to quickly generate random numbers saving your time.

Win-o-meter tool

This tool can be used by African Millions players to calculate the odds/chances of them winnings any of the great prizes. Using this tool a player can also choose multiple combinations of numbers to improve their chances of winning a prize. The win-o-meter tool will also allow you to see the calculated chance you have of winning a prize. Remember to keep in mind that additional bets and numbers that you make and whether you are playing weekdays or weekends could have an impact on your chances of winning a prize.

Max all tool

This tool will help you in the selection process by selecting an entire tow of bets that you can boost. It also contains all the available draw dates and a bonus ball for each bet that players place. By clicking the max all button multiple times you can choose your numbers all over again. This option will also generate a full set of tickets thus also including SuperStars and maximum boost.

African Millions Number Generator

Odds of winning

Overall odds
French Lotto
1 in 6
SA Lotto
1 in 96
SA powerball
1 in 36
African Millions
1 in 90
UK Lotto
1 in 9,3
Austrian Lotto
1 in 12
1 in 13

Lottery scams

Scams happen to all of us and it can happen to anyone scammer use a lot of different platforms to reach out to you we have listed a few common ways they can reach out to you.

1. Email:

With no financial costs for the scammers this method is very popular

2. Phone:

They do phone you sometimes saying you won a prize and they need your financial information.

3. Text:

They also can send you a message saying that you won a prize. Always follow the official caim process and never give your financial information away.

4. Letter:

Not a common method anymore but they do send very believable letters through the post.

5. Social Media:

They do sometimes use social media platforms and use it to easily trick you by saying that your profile on Facebook or Instagram won a prize.

How to spot a lottery scam

1. Date when you entered the lottery

This rule is simple, if you didn’t play you didn’t win.

2. Are you being asked for a payment

You will never be asked from an official lottery to pay a holding fee or any fee before you can receive your winnings. You can be taxed depending on various things but only on the money you receive.

3. Do they know your name

Is your name mentioned or is there just a random text that states nothing of your identity. Your name will always be mentioned unless you play online.

4. Take a look at the email address

If you receive a prize from a personal Gmail or Hotmail address you know it’s a scam. You will always receive confirmation from an official email address.


Yes, you win an amount of R100 and your odds of winning are 1 in 330.

The draw takes place every Wednesdays and Sundays at 21:30.

Yes you can play the African Millions from South Africa.

See affiliate for a step by step guide

Yes, you win an amount of R40 and your odds are 1 in 120.

You will only have 60 days from the draw date to claim your prize money.

R2000 will be the prize with odds of 1 in 12,041

All the numbers are chosen completely random so every number between 1-90 has an equal chance of being drawn .

The odds of winning is 1 in 56,035,316,700

You can claim your prize by following the official claim procedure. This is to make sure that you will avoid scams.

You need to get the star number correct to win an amount of R30 and your odds are 1 in 90

There is a total of 6 numbers in the African Millions, you as a players need to choose 6 numbers to between 1-90.

There is a total of about 622,6 possible combinations.

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The African Millions is not an easy game to win. The odds are never in your favor and it’s a complete guessing game. You can only win by closing your eyes and picking random numbers and just hoping for the best. You should always be aware of scammers and if you think you are being scammed rather immediately stop what you are doing and look at the official process on how to claim your prize. Good luck to all the players.

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